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TRAVEL | Prague

Hey Everyone! 

Back in April it was mine and the boys 6 year anniversary. We decided to spend it somewhere special and booked a 4 day break to the beautifully romantic city of Prague. Yet again we stayed in a charming Air B & B located about a 10 minute walk from the Charles Bridge.. (check it out here!) it couldn't of been in a better location and it was the perfect base for our anniversary trip. The communication both before and whilst we where in Prague where fantastic and the flat was almost brand new and spotless. 

I had pre-ordered a shuttle with a private taxi company called Prague Airport Transfers. I booked very easily online and they where fantastic to deal with, super friendly and on time. On the way back to the airport the weather was awful, we contacted them and asked if we could bring the transfer forward. They promptly dealt with our enquiry and sent a private car within about 15 minutes..! Really fantastic service and worth pre-booking. 

The Charles Bridge
Probably the most famous part of Prague is the beautifully constructed Charles Bridge. Standing proud over the Vltava river, this beautiful monument is one not to miss! We crossed each day whilst here and it never stopped being incredibly special. The quietest time to pass is around 11pm if you want a clear shot of the bridge, as it can be an incredibly busy tourist trap with street vendors. Placed about half way down the bridge you will see the historic statue of St John Nepomuk, it's very easy to identify because it has a shiny gold spot at the bottom from where people rub everyday for good luck! It is said that if you do rub you will return to Prague soon! 

Petrin Hill & Observation Tower 
The Observation Tower on Petrin Hill stands proud over Prague and offers the most insane panoramic views of the beautiful city. Firstly, if you don't like walking i would highly recommend getting the Funicular which runs from Lesser town to the top of Petrin Hill. Because, dear god was this the steepest walk! Also remember coins to buy a ticket at the funicular station, we didn't have enough and ended up having to walk back down too..(They do not take cards or notes!) The views at the top of Petrin hill are absolutely spectacular and we even stopped for a beer half way up! Once up, we decided to give the observation tower a climb. I managed to climb to the top and soak in the view, however i did feel a slight movement so quickly made my way back down. It cost around £5 per person to experience this which is well worth the money, we took some beautiful shots at the top and where lucky enough to have a crystal blue sky! 
John Lennon Wall 
This next one is a bit of a strange one and one admittedly we didn't stay for very long at. As you can see it's every instagram addicts dream, the back drop is incredible beautiful and covered in lyrics and John Lennon inspired graffiti.. apparently John Lennon never even visited Prague, so i still don't really understand the concept behind this. All be it, the buskers atmosphere and beautiful colours make it a great stop.

Prague Castle
Prague castle isn't like a normal English castle, or anything like I've ever seen before. It's high on a hill and is a long old walk but most definitely worth the visit. According to the Guinness World Records, it's the largest ancient castle in the world and covers a total area bigger than seven football fields. There are all different types of tickets that give you 2 day uses and different entries to all the different areas within the castle. My favourite part was St. Vitus Cathedral, which you can see below. It is the most beautiful cathedral and reminds me a lot of the Notre Dame in Paris. 

Favourite Pit Stops

Prague Beer Museum
This was actually one of the first places we stopped! We where looking for snacks and good beer and we most definitely found it. Located very close to the Charles Bridge and with plenty of seating for a rest, we ordered two tasting trays. One pale ale and one dark ale.. there is a HUGE choice of beer with some flavoured with honey, cherry, blueberry and even chocolate! They only have a small food menu, but the perfect nibbles to go along with a few hours of drinking beer. The atmosphere was fantastic and the service fast. 

Cafe Savoy 
This lavish looking cafe was our favourite place we stopped for breakfast, it's clearly a very popular location as we had to wait 20 minutes for a table. The incredibly ceiling even dates back to 1893. The one thing that really impressed me about this restaurant was the prices, we both ordered the english breakfast which consisted of fresh bread, fried egg, bacon, potatoes, frankfurter, pork sausage, tomato, mushrooms, baked beans a freshly squeezed orange juice AND a coffee for ONLY.. £11.00 each. Not only was it incredibly cheap, the service was spot on and the food was delicious! 

The name of this coffee shop literally combines my two favourite things, chocolate and coffee. The first thing they actually ask you when you sit down, is ..'do you like chocolate..' which all be it a little cheesy, i really enjoyed. They have a chocolate tap where they have white, milk and dark chocolate on draft and they also make all other items fresh from scratch on the premises. I went for the waffle, fresh cream, fresh fruit and warm chocolate. It was quite literally the most incredible and very naughty breakfast treat we had the whole holiday. It's a very small restaurant so it might be worth giving them a call to reserve a table. 

So, that was our Prague Adventure! I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as we enjoyed our little city break.. Next stop.. Budapest! 

Have you ever been to Prague, what where your favourite things to do?! 

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