Sunday, 16 April 2017

FLOUR TO THE PEOPLE | London Brunching

Hey Everyone!

I've been away for a good couple of months, and i was considering writing a whole post on why. However, I've changed my mind and decided to keep it private for now and jump straight in with a review of a delicious brunch spot i went to a few weeks back! Now.. Who doesn't love a good brunch? I feel like it's all we see on Instagram these days, but if you don't Instagram it .. it never happened.. am i right?! My bestie took me to this adorable and tiny restaurant called Flour To The People in Battersea Park for a delightful Sunday morning brunch, before our afternoon of catching rays in the park.

Located on Battersea Park Road this quaint (and very small) family run restaurant focuses on making as much as possible from scratch, they source and make all the dishes from free-range organic ingredients and you can tell! As well as making their own sourdough they also make their own butter, marmalade, jams, sauces and mayo. In the day they focus on brunch and at night sourdough pizzas! 

Myself and Emma both started off with an iced coffee, not strictly on the menu but the servers where more than happy to accommodate. The coffee was strong, great quality and really hit the spot! I didn't manage to get a picture of the menu, but they had healthy options like bircher muesli, avocado on toast and veggie breakfasts and then the naughty options like pancakes and what i had french toast (check out the full menu here)! All dishes where reasonably priced at around £9.00 - £11.00 for a hearty plate of fresh grub! Now please don't judge me.. but i had a large plate of everything beige (i was INCREDIBLY hunger and needed bacon!) the french toast was delicious as was the sausage and bacon! Emma went for the the (V) one.. i.e the veggie breakfast which includes, eggs, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, house beans and sourdough toast. Another fantastic and quirky touch was the toaster at each table, meaning you can toast your bread to your liking and make sure it's warm for when your food arrives. 

Yes.. the restaurant is tiny.. yes you might have to cosy up to a stranger and it's a guarantee you will have to queue up for a table - but the food was delicious and well worth it. This place serves fresh and wholesome breakfasts at a great price and makes a change from all the chain diners in Central. I will certainly be returning to try their sourdough pizzas, and if you have been would love to know your thoughts!

I always love trying new places, so would love to hear what your favourite brunch spot is? 

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