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TRAVEL | Disneyland Paris Tips & Tricks

Hey Everyone!

If you follow me on any of my social medias, then you will know I'm a pretty huge Disney fan. I've been going since i was little, but most recently have visited during Halloween, Christmas, Spring and Summer! I wanted to share with you my top tips & tricks for Disneyland Paris - please bare in mind, that this is just the way i like to do Disney and it might not be everyone's way! 
Pre Disneyland Paris 
I know that most people stay in the Disneyland hotels and get some great perks, including extra magic hours and food options. However, as Emma and I normally book these trips on a spur of the moment thing and on a budget we book a hotel which is based around a 15 minute walk from the park. I have stayed in the Hiperk Serris three times and each time my stay has been enjoyable. It's cheap, clean and close to Disney (they even have a free shuttle that takes you too and from the parks if you can't be bothered to walk!) - this makes it the perfect base for your trip.. to be honest, you barely spend any time at the hotel!

Train Tickets
If your coming from Charles Du Gaulle Airport, pre book your train tickets online. The TGV high speed train runs about every hour and takes you directly into Disney. I once didn't pre-book and it cost me about £30.00 for a 9 minute one way train journey - which i didn't even have a seat for! The last time i went however, i pre-booked and got a return journey for £25.00. The train from CDG Airport will take you to Marne La Valee-Chessy train station which is located inside the Disney grounds. 

Park Tickets
Disneyland Paris is split into two parks, the Disneyland Park and the Walt Disney Studios Park. I would say the Disneyland Park is more traditional where as the Walt Disney Studios has more fast paced roller coasters and action shows. I ALWAYS go to Disney for the weekend so buy a 2 day park hopper (which i would recommend) However if travelling on a day trip from Paris i have also down the 1 day ticket. 1 day can be slightly rushed, but me and my boyfriend still managed to fit in everything we wanted to do. I always buy online through a company called Attraction Tix, they send you an e-code and you literally go up to the fancy touch machines and print your tickets!

What to take in to the park?
Firstly, take a water bottle with you! They are expensive to buy but free to fill up at water fountains. Obviously, check the weather and make sure you're packed for all situations, it might start off sunny but your In the park until 11pm so will need a jacket. Comfortable shoes are a must as your walking miles each day (i would suggest trainers). And last but not least, if your a huge Disney fan like myself and love a theme.. then always co-ordinate with your bestie!

Disneyland Paris Park Tips
Disneyland Paris App
Download the Disneyland Paris App.. and use it! It's free on the App Store and is an absolute life saver, you can check parade, firework and show times in advance making planning your day incredibly easy! It also gives you real time line queueing updates - when we sat down for lunch or breakfast we roughly planned out what we where going to do based on the line times.

Pre-book meals
So instead of paying more for a hotel, which your barely in - i like to spend a little more on dining out once inside the park! If your not sure on what you would like, or never been before you can check out the DLP guide in advance - this is a super handy guide with example menus for each restaurant inside the park and in the Disney village. I like to pre-book for around 8 o'clock, have a long leisurely lunch drinking vino and then make my way to watch the fireworks. My favourites include the blue lagoon inside the pirates of the Caribbean ride (you watch the boats go round..) Walt's Dinner directly outside the castle and Annettes American Dinner, because it makes you feel like your in grease! 

Fast Passes
These are great, but I've only used them a handful of times (I'm really not sure why, should of use them on my latest trip!) You can go up to your favourite rides and they will release fast pass hours (example between 13.00pm - 13.45pm) you scan your ticket and it prints you out a ticket to use between these hours. The only downside is you can only use one at a time, and you basically have to be in the right place at the right time in order to gain one! They are useful for the rides with longer lines. 

They are by far my favourite bit of the whole weekend! Paris have a light, laser, water and firework show which projects all the Disney classics on to the castle. You do not need to sit and wait in front of the castle for 3 hours in order to gain a good spot, to be honest each time i have walked down about 15 minutes before the firework show started and slot in either side of the castle and always have a fantastic view!

If your staying for more than 2 days (which is recommended) I suggest you see the parades on one of the days only. This gives you a wide window of time during the parade when the best rides quieten down - I always head for the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean and find the queueing time considerably less.

Disney Village
Make sure you check out the Disney Village, it's awesome. They have restaurants, sports bars, western bars and numerous shops! Me and Emma had an absolutely fantastic night in Billy Bob's western bar and they played some classics hits! 
Last but not least, how many hidden Mickey's around the park can you see?!

So that's all my tips & tricks for Disneyland Paris, do you have any good tips - i always love hearing new advice for my favourite place!? 

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  1. I will definitely remember these tips and tricks if I ever decide to book a trip to Disney Paris in the near future - great post!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Thanks lovely! You should go, it's so much fun!

      Jessica xx

  2. Replies
    1. Yesssss gurl, is that because your in it!?

      Jessica xo

  3. ah I love this, I've always wanted to go!! with children or not ill definitely be going at some point haha xx

    1. You should, literally my favourite place ever!

      Jessica xo


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