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Now, this is a bit of a random post which was from my little 3 day mini trip to Berlin back in January. I bought this as a present for my boyfriend and it's safe to say he LOVED it! I know this is incredibly late, but I really wanted to share some of the gorgeous photo I snapped whilst out there. So just as a pre-warning this is going to be VERY photo heavy.. 

We managed to pack in a lot in those 72 hours and arrived at Schonefeld Airport around 12.05pm on the Saturday. I had actually pre-booked the Berlin welcome card which allows you to travel within zones ABC of Berlin (a bit like a London travel card) they cost about £20 each and you can purchase them here (well recommended and 100% worth the money!). We hopped on the S-Bahn and where surprised how easy and frequently the trains came. We checked in our hotel which was the Steigenberger Hotel Am Kanzleramt this was next to the main station in Berlin Hofbanhof - this hotel was in the perfect location a 2 minute walk from the train station and about a 10 minute walk from the Reichstag building. The 5* hotel had incredible customer service and the rooms where massive, they even had a spa at the top of the hotel with a lovely steam room and chill out area - we honestly had a really fantastic stay!

First stop was the Reichstag building, you can actually go inside the dome - however we didn't have time and it was sold out. Then when we tried to pre-book the only time slots where not suitable for us.

After a little walk around the area and our hotel we made our way to Alexander Platz where we had pre-booked a restaurant called 'The Pub' and by far my FAVOURITE place we went too. It's located just behind the TV Tower - a little bit of a mission to get to but well worth it once we found it. It was so much fun and decked out with over 300 pictures of pugs, it had beer taps on the table and also a TV counting how many litres you had drunk between your group!

We had a really friendly waitress who explained everything to us and away we went, you order all your food and drinks on the touch screen which you can see below (however, if you go for the beer you can just pull your own pints!) You click your number, pour and it tracks how many litres you've drunk.

Me and Darrell both agreed this was most definitely the best burger ever!  It was really fairly priced and the atmosphere is fantastic. If your in the area, I strongly advise you to check it out! 

On the Sunday we started once again with the Reichstag building as this was basically next to our hotel.

We then crossed the park and went through the Bradenburg Gate!

Please ignore my scarf it was SO cold so I literally ended up wrapping it around my ears and half my head! After we had a little walk around the pretty street's we headed for the East Side Gallery to check out all the amazing art work. This was one of my favourite places to visit in Berlin, we spent a while walking down and looking at all the beautifully coloured paintings.

We then grabbed another train and visited the Berlin Wall Memorial - this is an absolute must when in Berlin, located on the historic site of Bernauer Strasse it extends along 1.4 KM of the former border strip. This memorial contains the last piece of the Berlin Wall with the persevered grounds behind it.

This was one of the more depressing sites we saw, it was very very cold and gloomy which probably added to the darkness. However it was really peaceful and beautiful to see all the memorials for the people that tragically lost their lives during this horrible time.

After this we headed to theBerlin Zoo as I had been recommended by a few people to go there. However, by the time we arrived it was about 4pm so we wouldn't of had time to enjoy it. Instead, we decided to go get a drink at the Monkey Bar next to the Berlin Zoo in the hotel twenty five hours hotel. Once we where up at the top there wasn't actually anywhere to sit so went across to the restaurant called NENI and quite literally consumed the yummiest ever, not only was the food AMAZING the view over the Zoo was insane!

NENI is based around sharing dishes with Mediterranean influences. Being 100% honest, it wasn't the most friendlist of places and the waiter didn't really want to help us. Eventually another waiter took pity on us and we ordered. Again, the menu wasn't explained to us and most of it was in German, so we went for a safe option of fried chicken in almond coating, sweet potatoe fries, sweet chilli sauce and some homemade pita breads with humus! 

In the evening we decided to visit the TV Tower at Alexnder Platz (if you get a welcome card, like i mentioned above you get money off!) Darrell being scared of heights was a little nervous but we made it up to the top and enjoyed some cocktails with a few of Berlin. It was the perfect way to end our last night in Berlin. 

The next day was another busy one as we had to make our way to the airport at about 4pm. We decided to brave the cold, rainy weather and make our way over to Checkpoint Charlie - this was the original crossing point between East and West Berlin during the Cold War. It was amazing to see and an incredible piece of German history!

Unfortunately then started the heavy downpour so we decided to grab the train and shelter whilst it was raining. We eventually jumped of and took a walk through the beautiful TiergartenThis is Berlin's most popular inner city park. The park itself is 520 acres in size and is among the largest urban gardens in Germany, in the middle is the victory column, surrounded by roads the only way to get to it is by four underground tunnels!

We ended back at our hotel just in time to catch the train to the airport! I hope you enjoyed this travel journey blog, if you want to ask me any questions about Berlin please feel free to drop me a message!

Have you ever been to Berlin? What was your favourite part?

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  1. This sounds like an amazing whirlwind trip - you fit in SO much!

    1. It really was, when we got back i think i slept for a week! xo

  2. This was such a lovely post to read and I feel like I really got a great insight into Berlin, would definitely love to visit now! Sounds like you had a great time away and your photos are stunning x

    Beauty with charm

    1. Thank you for the really lovely comment! Glad you enjoyed xo


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