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EMPTIES | Would I Repurchase?!

Hey lovelies!

This is my second ever empties post, and since my last one (which you can read here) back in February i seem to have accumulated quite a few bits and bobs! I am the sort of person who jumps from product to product, normally buying shampoo and things on special offers - so this is my honest opinion on the latest products i have used up..!

Empties Hair Care Products


Alberto Balsam - Damage Repair Avocado & Coconut Shampoo
This was one of my, I'm desperate for shampoo and it's nearly the end of the month and i can't really justify spending loads on shampoo purchases. I really didn't have hopes for this £1 bottle of shampoo which i picked up in ASDA. It however is made with natural avocado oil and has 0% parabens which i can guarantee is the reason my hair loved this so much! It did wonders for my dry bleached hair, it restored it back to it's healthy condition! So yes, i would repurchase this little beaut!

Boots Own - Coconut Conditioner
Oh, hello another cheap cheeky purchase, this one being a crazy 75p for 500mls! Unlike the above product which was a fluke buy, this one was actually recommended by a fellow blogger on twitter. At the time i bought both the shampoo and conditioner, the shampoo was horrible and left my hair matted and frizzy (i forgot to save the bottle!) The conditioner on the other hand was an absolute treat and the HUGE 500ml bottle lasted me forever! This product has coconut extract inside and really did leave my hair feeling soft, shiny and healthy! Another yes to repurchasing!

Liz Earle - Botanical Shine Conditioner (normal hair)
So this product is 100% not a cheapie but it is a really luxurious product. My mum received this when she bought some skincare so we thought we would trial it. I LOVE this and i really wish i didn't, because at £10 a pop for 200mls it's not going to last a serial hair washer such as myself that long! This smells amazing, leaves your hair weightless, non greasy and doesn't get flat throughout the day. I probably wouldn't purchase this on a regular basis but as a treat i would.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor
This has been a good staple product in our household for a few years, me and my mum both have bleached hair so it's a great, quick product that instantly boosts dry and dull hair! It smells amazing and leaves my hair silky soft, so yes i would repurchase! 

Ultimate Blends - Honey Treasures Shampoo
I love the ultimate blends range and have featured them in a few monthly favourites, so it's probably no surprise for me to say yes i would repurchase this shampoo. This one in particular is my favourite though, it contains honey which leaves my hair silky and feeling strong.

Empties Bodycare Products


The White Company - Mustique Bath and Body Wash 
When you think of the White Company you instantly think of luxurious products, and this is 100% what this way. I received this bath and body wash as a gift and savoured every bit of this product. It is watermelon, cucumber and basil - it is the perfect morning scent as it is really refreshing and wakes you up in the morning! I would repurchase this as i really did fall in love with the scent, but at £12 a bottle maybe as a one off treat!

Clinique - Sparkle Skin
Yes, Yes and Yes i would 100% spend out and buy this product again. This scrub is quite literally the perfect amount of grit without making your skin dry, i LOVE it. I'm actually kind of gutted it ran out before i started to get into fake tanning

Imperial Leather - Coconut and Tiare Flower Shower Cream
I really like the imperial leather body washes, and do tend to pick one up when it's on special. This one is one of my favourite scents Coconut as you can probably tell from most of the haircare items. The body washes lather up really nicely and the scent lasts on my skin for a while too! So, yes i would continue to buy imperial leather products. 

The Body Shop - Coconut Body Butter
Hands down my favourite body butter, i love the consistency and how moisturised it leaves my skin. I like to apply this before fake tanning because it really soaks into my skin and doesn't leave my skin oily or greasy. I would 100% repurchase and have been for a few years now. 

Avon Passionfruit and Peony Shower Gel
This is a massive no from me, it literally didn't smell like anything which is a shame and it didn't really leave my skin feeling nice - in fact it was overly chemically which left my skin dry and making me feel like i needed to smother a whole tub of body butter on myself each time i used it. 

Empties Skincare


Simply Sensitive Boots Face Wipes
I only use face wipes to remove my mascara as i really don't enjoy putting cleanser on my lashes! These where quite simple and did the job, not the best i've ever used but i picked them up on special offer. If they where on special offer again, i would repurchase.

Liz Earle - Istant Boost Toner
Don't get me wrong i love Liz Earle, but every now and again i feel my skin gets a little congested and i like to have a break from Liz Earle products. So even though yes i do always tend to repurchase their products somewhere down the line, i'm currently not going to repurchase this and stick with my La Roche-Posay serozinc spray which i picked up in Paris and have been loving. 

What have you been loving over the past couple of months? Have you tried any of the above products? 

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  1. I love the 3 minute miracle! I usually only get the sachet versions though because I think a big bottle wouldn't really get used in my flat. Great for emergencies and bleached hair, like you mentioned :)!


    1. 100%, the sachets are also really great to take on holiday with you when your hair needs a little of repairing from the sun and chlorine! xo

  2. Love a good empties post! Alberto Balsam products really are pretty good for what you pay; didn't know they had a paraben free range so will def be checking that out! Also making note of all these coconut scented products you featured, I absolutely adore the smell of coconuts for this time of year!

    Sinéad ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

  3. Nice post, thanks so much for this sharing!


  4. The white company body wash sounds so lovely! Can't go wrong with the body shop either - I'm yet to try the coconut body butter.

    Hana | ♥


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