Monday, 7 March 2016

MINTYCOCO | Oil Pulling Review

Hey Everyone!

As an avid coffee drinker and past smoker, when i saw the opportunity to review these Mintycoco oil pulling sachets* come up, i quite literally jumped at the chance! Obviously from the reasons i just mentioned my teeth aren't the whitest in the world and I've always wanted to try oil pulling as I've heard such great stuff about this natural way to clean teeth!

You've probably seen thousands of celebrities posting selfies on Instagram with different teeth whitening products so narrowing down one that actually works can be hard. Oil pulling has been used for thousand of years to naturally whiten teeth. Swishing coconut oil around your mouth will eliminate stains which have occurred over the years whilst also reducing bacteria in your mouth, using coconut oil will lead to healthy gums fresh breath.

The two week supply comes in small tubes which are very handy and make travelling with them easy and more convenient then a giant pot of raw coconut oil. The other great thing is that this product also contains peppermint flavouring which takes away the harsh taste of the coconut oil leaving your mouth feeling super refreshed. To use the product you just warm the tube under warm water, swill around your mouth for 5 - 15 minutes and then spit out, it advises to do this before brushing which i did and noticed a difference after a few days! The below pictures are before and after the 14 day supply, i haven't edited these pictures and tried to get the daylight the same in both..



This Oil Pulling formula is 100% natural and contains no alcohol or chemicals. You can either buy a one time purchase here for £19.99 or you can subscribe monthly and save 15% by paying £16.99. 

I really enjoyed using this product and loved the results i got from it. 15 minutes can seem like a long time to swill oil around your mouth but i either popped on a long youtube video or used it when i was in the bath! I will 100% be buying this product in the future.

Have you tried Mintycoco?

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  1. Looks so good! I noticed a difference when I saw you last! Xxxx

    1. Thanks my love, my mumma also said the same! xx

  2. Looks like a great product! I have never heard of it before but sounds great!

    1. It's a fantastic natural product, so if you can check it ou i would 100% advise you too! xx

  3. I've never liked the idea of swishing it around in my mouth for too long, but the results look fab! I use a whitening toothpaste which really helps x

    Everything But The Kitchen

    1. I felt the same and managed around 10 - 15 minutes each time i did it! I found watching a long youtube video helped as it distracted me, but the taste was actually really nice! xx

  4. This looks great and you can really see the difference it made for you! I've got a huge jar of coconut oil at home so I might have to give this a go myself.

    Beka. xo | littleworldofbeka

  5. Wow this looks really good! I hadn't actually heard of using coconut oil for teeth whitening before, I'm sure that magic stuff can do anything!

    I've got a big pot next to me now and I might give it a go, though it won't leave a nice refreshing minty taste!

    Issy | MissIsGoode xox

  6. Hi Jessica, great review - really helpful. Love Mintycoco!


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