Sunday, 10 January 2016

Lush Boxing Day Sale 2015 Haul

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to my blog and Happy New Year.. Sorry I've been a little absent from the blogging world but i took a few weeks for Christmas and to spend some well deserved time with my family, friends and boyfriend! Anyway, I'm going to kick off my first blog post of 2016 with a cheeky little Lush UK boxing day haul!

Last year i had the worst experience from the Lush boxing day sale which you can read here. I was so certain i wasn't going to give in and buy anything.. but once again, i got sucked in! I actually had a problem with their online website again, which seems to be a yearly occurrence for them. I got kicked of the website so many times and was just about to give up when all of a sudden i could put things in my basket! Despite the website problems i actually recieved my order within 1 week or ordering, a major step up from the 18 days i waited last year! And below is what i managed to get;

Rub Rub Rub solid shower scrub - £2.98 in the sale and normally priced at £4.95
Cinder bath bomb - £1.48 in the sale and normally priced at  £2.95
Snow Fairy 100g shower gel - £1.98 in the sale and normally priced at £3.95
Golden wonder ballistic - £1.98 in the sale and normally priced at £3.95
Dashing Santa - £1.48 in the sale and normally priced at £2.95

I then picked up the gift set 'Snow Fairy Castle' which has 4 of my favourite items included;

Snow Fairy re-usable bubble bar wand 
Snow Fairy shower gel 100g
Fairy Dust 100g
So White bath bomb 

This set cost me £10.98, i have no idea how much they actual retail for and can't seem to find a link on the website or anywhere else! So as a guess i would say between £15 - £20. 

I have to say i don't no whether i was late to the party this year but i think the products they had on sale last year where 100% better.. But keep your eyes peeled as i will be doing separate reviews on these products in the months to come! 

Did you manage to pick anything up in the Lush Sale?!

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  1. Great box ! I love Lush so I can only love your post . Lately I got Cinder bathbomb on sale along with other little bits. :)

    1. Love Cinder, it is one of my favourites! xx

  2. This sounds like a lovely set! The So White bath bomb is definitely one of my favourites from Lush, gutted I didn't pick one up this year. My head was in the clouds around boxing day so unfortunately I missed out on the sale, but will definitely make sure I make use of it next year :) x
    Charlotte's Road

    1. Oh Dam! I Nearly missed out too but a friend of mine reminded me and i was straight on there! xx

  3. You got some great things, the set looks lovely! I gave up on the website completely and made a trip to my nearest Lush store haha! x

  4. Lush do have some of the best little gift boxes and so lovely presented aren't they!

    Lucy | Forever September


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