Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Get The Look | Scream Queens

Ok seriously - Emma Roberts, Ariana Grande.. Jamie Lee Curtis..! Have i caught your attention yet? If you haven't already then please go and watch the new series of 'Scream Queens' which is now on E4. Not only is this show hilarious (and slightly weird) it has the best wardrobe ever - think pink, fluffy, large sunglasses and tiny bags and your pretty much there.

Not only are the clothes and cast an absolute dream.. Emma Roberts seems to perfect the resting bitch face to perfection!

Below i have put together a 'Get The Look' with a few different bits and pieces inspired by this series!

Faux Fur Dusty Pink Coat // Simon Cateye Sunglasses // Pink Leather Tassell T-Bar Heels // Pearl & Bead Stretch Bracelets // Pink Fluffy Crop Top // Multi Beaded Collar Necklace // Mini Kate Pocket Across Body Bag // Boutique Tallulah Tulle Mesh Full Circle Midi Skirt // Mayal Shift Dress //

Have you seen Scream Queens? Who's your favourite character?!

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  1. Ahh I'm so excited to start watching this show! I haven't even seen an episode yet but basically what my weekend is for! I've heard amazing things about it and also totally digging that cropped fluffy pink jumper! Great picks and totally have them on point! xx

  2. I love Scream Queens so much and just wish I could have their whole wardrobes!

    Great post.

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x


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