Monday, 16 November 2015

ESSENTIALS | Autumn and Winter

 Hey Everyone!

As we are now fully emerged in Autumn / Winter weather i thought i would share a few of my favourite and essential items for the colder months.

Hair Care;
The first steps of looking after your hair during the cold winter months is finding a product that is not only going to nourish your hair but also protect. My top two hair products for this Autumn are the Aussie colour mate shampoo and the mega instant conditioner. Both of these have amazing ingredients which have been paired together to cleanse your hair and then protect it against the harsh weather, not only do these protect amazingly and leave the hair in healthy condition they smell absolutely divine! I would also recommend the 3 minute miracle which is made to deep condition dry hair in just 3 minutes, this tends to be a product i always go back to in the winter months as my bleached hair can get a little dry!

Skin Care;
Even though i cleanse, polish and moisturiser on a daily basis i still find that i get the odd dry patch which i can't seem to control, this doesn't just stop on my face - i also get dry patches on my elbows and hands etc. I have never found a product as a amazing as this Yu-Be Skin Moisturiser and i seem to rave about this to everybody i know.. It claims to be Japan's no.1 selling vitamin-enriched skincare cream and boy does it work. It hydrates beautifully and has a non greasy feel to it, the product is quite thick so a little goes a long way but it doesn't block the pores! It's perfect for these dry patches but also keep cuticles soft and lips at ease!

Body Scrub;
Just like the skin cells on your face, the skin cells over your body can also get blocked. A good body scrub can help nourish the skin by getting rid of dead skin or any left over products - this becomes an essential part of my winter routine and i scrub a few times a week. This hidden gem was actually from AVON and cost a mere £1 and smells like strawberry nesquick. I really love the texture of this scrub as it seems to be the perfect balance of smooth and rough, giving you perfect results!

Body Moisturiser;
A good moisturiser is key in winter, i pop this on daily after a shower or bath and smother my whole body before popping on my pyjamas. If you have dry skin like me i would highly recommend the Soap & Glory ranges, they are all beautifully made with a different scent for everyone! This sugar crush is my favourite as i find the citrus scent wakes me up in the morning and leaves me feeling refreshed.

Foot / Heel Cream;
So just like keeping your body moisturised I also like to keep my feet nourished. Again another Soap & Glory product but probably the only product I've ever used on my feet/heels- but never felt the need to stray away and try anything else. I love the smell and how it keeps cracked heels at bay - I like to pop a thick layer over my heels at night and then wear a pair of cotton socks to bed.. when you wake up in the morning your feet will be super soft!

Festive Scented Candles;
As soon as the nights get dark and cold the first thing i reach for in the evenings is a candle. I have quite a collection and obsession when it comes to candles. But the above Wax Lyrical has quickly become a favourite, it smells like cinnamon and berries and reminds me so much of Christmas! Seriously, check out their festive range - they burn for hours and are really lovely products!

Scented bubble bath; 
I mean, not an essential but one of my favourite things about winter has to be baths. As i mentioned above i love the smell of cinnamon and every time i see this on special i have to buy it - don't get me wrong i love a good lush bath bomb but that can get expensive! This giant warm cinnamon nights by treacle moon bottle, lasts for ages and also foams up lovely. They have tonnes of different scents and one to suit everyone - but this has to be my favourite for Autumn / Winter.

A dark lip;
Ask any beauty blogger, or join in on any of the chats on Twitter and you will find that every blogger has a favourite dark lip shade for the winter which they like to crack out, away with the coral's and in with the berries! And this year, I've really gone for it. I have never really been one for a dark lip, but this year I've come away from my comfort zone and been loving two in particular. One being a Matte lip cream for NYX in Copenhagen and Kate Moss Rimmel 107 - these also look really nice together to create an even more intense colour.

Lip balm;
And last but certainly not least, this amazing Love The Lakes lip balm all the way from the Lake District. I'm not a huge fan of Vaseline, i always find it dries and cracks my lips more than they already are - so when i came across this lip balm i thought i would give it a go. I always have a lip balm in my handbag or on my office desk, but this strawberry one is my absolute faves. It's really nourishing and is made with 98% natural ingredients.

These are my absolute must haves during the cold months, what are yours?!

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  1. I love Wax Lyrical candles so much, I feel like they're really underrated and overlooked! I've got the honey and vanilla one on the go at the moment, I'd really recommend it!

    Chloe x | Snug Corner

  2. I've not seen the Wax Lyrical candles before, but it sounds like it's really nice, especially for this time of year! Great post! x

  3. I love the Rimmel Kate moss lipsticks and also the Aussie shampoo and conditioners I have been using Aussie for such a long time and I love it! I think essentials have got to be coffee or hot chocolate and a good moisturiser -xo

  4. Love the look of the NYX lip cream! It's also so important to look after your feet in the cold - I've not tried Soap and Glory Heel Genius though so I may have to give that a try!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x


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