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The Best Friend Tag featuring Life Without A Fun Sponge

If you follow my blog you will probably know i mention my best friend who also happens to be my blogging buddy Emma (Life Without A Fun Sponge) quite a lot! We didn't actually meet through blogging and have been friends for over 10 years. Whilst i was up in London a few weekends ago we decided to compile a list of questions for each other and create a best friend tag. Below are Emma's Answers.. If you want to find out what i said then click here to view my answers!

1. How and when did you meet?
I already knew who Jess was because her brother went to my school, but we first met when my Mum organised a ski trip of all of our friends families and friends of friends families. Even though we’d never met our Mum’s decided we’d share a room as we were the same age! We met at the baggage check in area of Gatwick Airport in 2001or 2002 and it took us until about Security to become besties! Here’s a photo from that day! Check out that fashion – baggie jeans and surf tops.


2. Favourite inside joke?
Probably… PENNYYYYY or MOM! Where’s my coffee coolada! Not going to explain as that’s what makes them inside jokes

3. Do you have any nicknames for each other?
Sister or NeeNee

4. Favourite song that reminds you of each other?
Jesse McCarthy Beautiful Soul! Or Stacy’s Mum by Fountains of Wayne!

5. What is your favourite memory together?
The trip of a lifetime we went on to DisneyWorld Florida last year – we visited every park over two weeks and just had the best time EVER. My favourite moment was when we swam with dolphins on Jess’ 24th Birthday. It was just incredible

6. What is something weird you eat together?
We make rice crispy goo …which is ricecrispy that you don’t put in the fridge and just eat out the saucepan…always have always will!
7. Favourite drink?
Elderflower White Wine Spritzers  (recipe here)
That’s our grown up drink…but when we were about 14 we used to go on holiday to Portugal together…we’d order vanilla milkshakes and then Jess’ Dad would order shots of Malibu for us to mix in….vanilla Malibu milkshakes – what a thought!

8. Do you have anything matching?
What don’t we have matching?
We had matching playboy tracksuits…but the traitor sold hers on ebay for a surprising amount of money! I still have mine. We also have lots of matching pyjamas and Minnie Mouse ears and bows!

9. What's your favourite make-up brand?
NARS…we lust after Charlotte Tilbury…but own nothing! … yet!

10. Post a funny old picture of you together
There are so many! I think I’ve narrowed it down to this

This was our first ski trip without our parents tagging along too! So this was 2008. We’d been out and I think it must have been some French football match and we got painted in the flag. We wandered down the street speaking French and ended up taking this beautiful pic…check out the smokey eye makeup…I assume mine had smudged…I hope I didn’t choose to have it that way!

11. Post your favourite picture of you together
Oh its so hardddddd ok I really like this one from our trip to Malta this summer…I just think we both look really nice!

But then again…we do in this one too…
which makes me laugh everytimeeee – we were at Animal Kingdom at Disney and it was PISSING down!!

12. Have you ever been on holiday together- name the places?
This might be long… Ok so we’ve been skiing to: Tignes, Les Deux Alpes, Meribel, Les Gets and Morzine.
Then we’ve also been to Portugal, Thailand, Florida, Paris and Malta
Have I missed any?
Here we are on a naughty Thai elephant in 2006…Von Dutch hat and all!

13. If you were to go any place on earth together, where would it be?
I think I’d go back to Disney Florida…or maybe the California on just to give it a try!

14. What is your favourite film to watch together?
Thirteen! We’ve watched it so many times that we both know all the words…its actually quite a disturbing film for us to have watched age 15…

15. What is it like having a best friend who blogs?
No one else understands the fact that I blog like Jess does. Other people have varying opinions but she “gets it”. Plus I love reading her blog and going to blogging events with her!

16. What is your favourite blog post your best friend has written?
It’s the Disney Adventure Day 2 one from when we went to DisneyLand Paris! I love the Florida one too but this one is much more detailed so I love looking back at it!

Love you forever Sissy!

I loved doing this collaboration so much, the answers and photo's are hilarious.. Make sure you go check out Emma's blog here and also her twitter here

Have you ever done the best friend tag?! Leave us your links below we would love to see them! 
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