Friday, 25 September 2015

Candles with Partylite

I didn't know much about Partylite to begin with, but my Mum seemed to know about them and being the candle addict i am i was very happy to receive this package on a rainy Friday afternoon. As the days are getting shorter and your pulling out your big knitted jumpers and fluffy socks, the first thing i like to do when i get home from work is to start burning a deliciously scented winter smelling candle - whether it be in my bedroom or bathroom you can always find one burning around my house! When i first received this parcel me and my work colleague could smell it through the box all afternoon, i was so excited to get it home and find out what goodies where inside!

Forbidden Fantasy* - Set of three candles £27.50

This set of three candles comes quite plainly packaged but don't let their appearance turn you away. These single wick candles have some really gorgeous scents as well as burning really well - i left it burning for about 2 hours that evening and it didn't really leave a dent. The good thing about how simple the packaging of these jars are is that they will pretty much go with any decor and could be easily moved around the house fitting in with a wide range of interiors.

Included in this range are 'Blush' which is a mixture of white grapefruit, violet, musk and rosewood.. Out of the three candles this is by far the lightest, freshest and most feminine giving of strong yet delicate citrus and floral scents.

'Flush' which is white florals, fruits and musk.. this is by far my favourite out of the set, the fruit and musk combined work really well and smell like a cinnamon roll.. perfect for long dark autumn evenings and a great one to pop on in the kitchen to cover up any foodie smells.

'Kiss' which is light and floral with a mixture of amber and wood pretty much reminds me of men's aftershave and not in a bad overpowering way. The wood and amber work really well together combining to make a musky scent - i imagine this is popular amongst boyfriends / husband's as most complain about the smell of girly candles!

Just Desserts* - set of two candles for £15.95

The second thing i pulled out the box after having a little rummage around was this adorable set of two candles. The packaging is completely different to the very basic forbidden fantasy range and it instantly caught my eye. I was also really excited to have a sniff as I'm really into foodie candles (some of my favourite's include - vanilla butter cream and red velvet by Yankee Candle) Being a girl, loving all things pretty i was intrigued to open up the box and see what was inside..

The two candles included are 'Nutcracker Sweet' which smells of cinnamon, mulled wine, vanilla and nutmeg.. this is quite a nutty Christmassy smell and would only probably be used at this time of the year.. whilst 'Sugarplum Fairies' is kind of the opposite smelling of cranberries, plums and pomegranate. Both luxurious smelling candles and perfect for the winter season!

I'm also a huge fan of the sweet little nutcrackers which decorate the outside of the glass jars making them the perfect little gift for Christmas!

Warm Hearts Tealight Holder* - £13.95 per holder 

I love tealight holders, they are so handy if you just want to make a space look pretty and at Christmas our house is normally full of them. This one in particular is one the prettiest i have seen, with it's antique finish the light manages to escape through the little holes/scratches in the silver paint making the room light up and look really special. What i also really like about this product is that it has a little dip inside for the tealight to sit, almost like it's giving it a little cuddle whilst it burns away! 

Make sure you check out the Partylite website as they have some fantastic gifts for Christmas! I know for sure I'll be popping a few of these on my wish list! 


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  1. These sound perfect for the Autumn weather, and they definitely sound like something I'd love!
    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

    1. They really are, the scents are insane! Since posting this i have been burning them non stop! xo

  2. I would love these for the cooler seasons, they sound lovely:)


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