Sunday, 31 May 2015

Revlon Parfumerie

Like most girls my favourite thing to do when the weather changes is to switch up my nail polish. As the sun has (mostly) been shining i wanted to bring out the lighter and brighter colours. Now I've always been curious to try the scented nail polishes which I've seen floating around the shops and after i received this as a present i was super eager to share my love for this with everyone you!

The Parfumerie range from Revlon are scented nail polishes which each have an individual smell created from essential oils. If you open the bottle for a whiff you only get a really faint smell, you have to apply the nail varnish and wait for it to half dry to experience the floral scent which the above gave off. 'Apricot Nectar' smelt gorgeous.. not really a distinct apricot smell but a really delightful sweet floral scent! The polish itself went on really well and took two coats to cover the nail as well as a base and top coat, the overall appearance was glossy and really did smell like a dream, it was a really nice change than the normal harsh chemical smell of other un-scented polishes. I also thought the packaging was really cute and would look really lovely lined up on a dressing table. They retail at £6.49 so quite expensive for a polish.. but you are paying for a scent as well as a colour!

What's your favourite scented polish?!


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Sunday, 24 May 2015

The Body Shop Haul

I recently decided to purchase a few items from The Body Shop after seeing loads of different beauty bloggers raving about a number of ranges, after reading the glowing reviews i wanted to try a few different products for myself. The body shop has always been one of those places that take you straight back to your spotty teenage years and for some reason i never really gave them a chance when I'd reached my 20's!

The first item i bought was the camomile sumptuous cleansing butter, this cleanser has had a lot of mixed reviews online from various different bloggers. Most bloggers have said that because it is an oil based  cleanser it's not ideal for people with oily / combination skin types (which is exactly what i have) but then on the other hand i found a few other beauty bloggers with the same skin type as me who really enjoyed using the product. As i was coming to the end of my Liz Earle cleanse and polish and fancied a bit of a change i purchased it. So far so good.. i would just advise anyone to rinse off with a muslin cloth and also tone afterwards, this stops the oil from sitting in your pores. The product itself is lovely, it melts away your makeup leaving your face feeling squeaky clean! The above tin is £12.00

My second item is the all in one instablur universal. I had seen velvetgh0st rave about this product in more than one of her Youtube videos and i was really interested to try it. It claims that it can control shine for 12 hours, reduces the appearance of pores (which i really need) and hides blemishes. I've only tried this once since purchasing it but i wanted to give it a proper go and wear it somewhere which would test the product. I wore it to Chessington theme park yesterday and it was fantastic. Firstly the product went on to my skin really smoothly and seemed to reduce my pores dramatically! It didn't feel heavy on my face and i didn't feel as if it had clogged my pores like a few other primers I have tried. It's £14.00 for a 25ml tube which i can imagine lasting for a long time due to only needing to use a little product.

My third product is the smoky poppy shower gel. This is actually a fairly new range from the body shop, it has distinctive packaging in a black bottle with a bright red poppy on the front. The product itself is quite thick and unusually bright green.  The smell is nothing like you remember body shop shower gels being, instead of the over powering scents of strawberries and raspberries which take me back to my teenage years.. this product has a gorgeous deep musky scent and it's only £4.00 for 250ml... bargain for such an indulgent shower gel!

The next two products actually came free with the above due to spending over £20 and also joining up to their reward scheme - Love your body. First the satsuma body polish which as you can imagine smells like satsumas but once again not too overpowering. I wouldn't use this as an intense scrub but for day to day use it does the trick! It's £10.00 for a 200ml tube, so a pretty good freebie if you ask me!

And last but not least and another freebie was the elderflower unperfumed eye gel.. I've never used an eye gel so was intrigued on giving this a go. I cleansed and toned my face and then dabbed a little under my eyes.. the product is very cooling and does slightly reduce redness under the eyes. I'm not sure i would purchase this again as it was £7.00 for a 15ml pot, which doesn't appear to have much product in at all.

What's your favourite body shop product?!

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

WISHLIST | Summer Addition

As BBQ and summer party season is just around the corner i wanted to put together a little wishlist of all the outdoor accessories I've been lusting over in the shops and online which would be perfect for these long summer evenings!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7

I would probably say my top picks would be the bucket BBQ as you could literally take this anywhere, to a friends, in your own back garden or even to the beach! I also really love the Kilner large glass .. i would defiantly fill that whole thing with pimms! 

What's your favourite summery item? 


Saturday, 9 May 2015


 Hey Everyone!

Ahhhhh my favourite blog post to write and once again.. I'm posting it late! Never mind, better late than never.. Here's what I've been lusting over in April;

First up is the Fudge Urban Iced Coconut Cocktail Hair Spray..  Normally i buy the Iced Raspberry and Vanilla in 200ml but that was sold out and i had always wanted to try the coconut scent. This does come in a slightly smaller bottle of 135ml, however i was going on holiday when i purchased this so thought it would be perfect to stick in my suitcase. The smell is lovely but it took me a while to adjust to it. I thought at first it smelt like i had been boozing all night drinking malibu but my work colleague assured me it smelt good so i stuck with it. I now really love the coconut smell and i think it's perfect going into summer. It also holds my curls / waves really well as it's a stronger hold then the raspberry.. I bought this from Tesco for £3.32.

Secondly is this bright pink Tangle Teezer, I've always been a massive fan of these products and this one is no exception. It is the perfect item for any girl with long hair and i always carry the compact tangle teezer in my handbag. This one in particular is called an Aqua Splash, this is actually the first Tangle Teezer they have made which you can stand upright which means the water can flow freely through it making it perfect for swimmers or using it in the shower. It's super lightweight and the grip on it makes it really easy to brush through your hair. I personally use mine in the shower after i have conditioned, i love to brush it through so that i get an even distribution of conditioner! They are  £12.98 and you can either buy them directly through them or at boots.

Thirdly are two blushes which i recently picked up from Superdrug really cheaply. The one on the right is the MUA Blusher in Lolly and was £1.00 ... yes, that's the correct price.. £1.00!! Insane, i can't quite believe it myself. When i first picked this up i didn't really have any expectations but i am so glad i did, it's insanely pigmented and the colour is a gorgeous orangey pink which is the perfect colour for spring / summer! They sit well on my foundation and the colour lasted all day. The second is the I Want Candy blusher in shade Sugar&Spice.. another super pigmented blusher which retails at only £2.99.. the product itself goes a really long way and you only need a little on your brush.. I would highly recommend both of these blushes and for the price you can't really go wrong!

And lastly these two Barry M nail polishes.. the one on the right is the Gelly Hi Shine in colour Chai. I'm sure you've heard and a read many beauty bloggers rave about these Hi Shine polishes so i won't go into great detail.. But the colour stays for ages and i love the shine the product gives once it's been paired with a top coat... When i bought this i also fancied a bit of glitz to pop over the top so opted for the Barry M Aquarian Nail Treasure Chest 2.. I don't think you could wear this product on it's own as it might look a little weird, but the giant chunks of gold flakes looks gorgeous over another colour. Both of these where £3.99 and be picked up from either Boots or Superdrug.

That's it for April, what have been your favourite products?!

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Thursday, 7 May 2015

House of Fraser British Academy Television Awards..

I opened up my inbox one morning to find a very exciting and interesting email! House of Fraser are the official title sponsors of the British Academy Television Awards and wanted me to collaborate with them and share with my lovely readers a few of my favourite mens fashion looks from previous red carpet events.. Yup, you heard me.. mens!? Now, if you're a reader of my blog you will know this is not something i have ever touched upon or reviewed on my blog before.. but i thought it was time to jump out of my comfort zone and who doesn't love staring at pictures of well dressed men on the red carpet?!

I've picked out a few of my favourite past red carpet looks from some gorgeous suited and booted gentlemen on a few different red carpet occasions. I wanted to start with the classic red carpet black and white combination and how could i do this post without mentioning the silver fox who is George Clooney.. He always looks so suave in this combination making him look like the Hollywood star he is..

Secondly... Can we just take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous this specimen of a man is...Oh Channing Tatum you win my heart every time.. he just looks so classic in this tuxedo by Dolce and Gabbana at the Oscars... I mean i love him with nothing on but i also love him in a suit!

Moving on from classic and heading onto the bright, brave and bold.. My first thoughts when receiving this email went straight to the very lovely Armie Hammer.. I was actually lucky enough to see this suit in the flesh at the premier for Lone Ranger in Leicester square. This Gucci suit is the most vibrant red i have ever seen.. Armie gets a lot of stick for his bright and bold suits but i personally love the look. I think it can give an edge to any suit making it stand out in a sea of classic black and white tuxedos! 

Another bright suit on the ever so lovely Matt Bomer killing it in this blue Ralph Lauren Black Label two piece at the Golden Globes. The best thing about a bold suit is that you can dress it up and down and they can be very versatile... With this i wanted to put together my own look book using this stripped blue and white Polo Ralph Lauren Shirt*  as my statement piece and styling it with a Navy suit from Next showing you how to smarten up a casual look making it red carpet ready..

Make sure you keep an eye on the House of Fraser website as they will be keeping you up to date with all the behind the scenes action in run up to the awards and on the night! The Awards are on the 10th of May, will you be watching.. i know i will!!


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