Sunday, 22 February 2015

Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb..

As it's Sunday night i always like to treat myself to an indulgent bath, normally including a Lush bath bomb. This evening i headed straight for my boxing day order and pulled out the shoot for the stars bath bomb. The dark blue and white glittery shooting star immediately appealed to me and when i pulled it out the box and i couldn't wait to try it!

This gorgeously scented bath bomb has the same smell as 'Honey i washed the kids'.. a rich honey and caramel which is almost good enough to eat! I would say this is one of my favourite smelling bath bombs I've tried in a while and the smells really complimented each other making me feel relaxed and sleepy! I was really excited to drop this in the bath as I've head from other bloggers it is one of the more extravagantly coloured bath bombs, i was not disappointed!

This is one of Lush's longer lasting bath bombs which takes a while to dissolve.. i did find myself waiting around for it to fizz away, however the colours and patterns it was producing meant i couldn't bring myself to leave the room! First of all it turns your bath water a blue / deep violet colour which honestly looks like the nights sky, the glitter within this bath bomb makes the bath look so deep and twinkly! As the bath bombs start to dissolve it releases pops of yellow and pink within your bath tub. I really loved using this bath bomb and the oils which are used within really made my skin soft and glowy! Was the perfect end to my lazy weekend..

Have you tried this bath bomb? Let me know your fave Lush product!


Friday, 13 February 2015

Benefit Sweet Tintations

These adorable benefit gift sets had already caught my eye on a shopping trip before Christmas in one of the many department stores i'd seen them in! So i was absolutely delighted when i received one as a very generous gift from a lovely family friend.. 

Inside this set are mini sizes of the popular lip and cheek stains; Benetint and Lollitint, as well as these you also get two full size Balms including the Benebalm and the Lollibalm. So really the perfect gift for any make-up obsessed lady! 

The Benetint is one of Benefits most popular products and has been around for year, i have used the benetint before but have never really got on well with attempting to use use this on my cheeks, it stains SO quickly and being as pale as i am i personally find it hard to put on without looking like I've been punched in the face repeatedly. The product itself is quite watery and a completely different consistency to the Lollitint, both products are incredibly pigmented and just bare in mind a little goes a long way! 

I actually preferred the consistency of the Lollitint and enjoyed using this product more then the Benetint! I thought it had a more creamy texture meaning you could apply and blend with ease, not having to worry about looking like a creepy china doll with bright red rosey cheeks! This product also looked gorgeous dabbed on the lips and i really enjoyed using and wearing it both ways. 

The two balms are SO great especially for people who can't be bothered with the faffing of applying lipstick! The two colours obviously pair up perfectly with the above tints and can be worn over them creating a deeper depth to the tint colours. These are super hydrating as they contain mango butter, they give your lip a great pop of colour whilst also keeping them lovely and hydrated in this harsh weather! The product applies so easily and i did love wearing both colours. I had never tried or heard of these before and originally thought that they would be bright and apply like a lipstick, i was completely wrong and are great for an everyday lip! They are very handy sizes to keep in your handbag and to apply whilst on the go. 

Not only was the outside packing beautiful each product had a strong smell of roses, which i really enjoyed (infact like the bit of the weirdo i am, i found myself sniffing the bottles) 

I would love to know if anyone has any tips on applying the Benetint as i'm not ready to write it off just yet.. 



Sunday, 8 February 2015


 Hey Everyone!

It's every bloggers favourite time of the month when they get to share the products they've been loving.. even though this is a few days late i hope you enjoy!

1. My first product is the natural world coconut water hydration and shine weightless hair oil*.... pheww, that was the longest name ever. So i took to twitter asking fellow beauty bloggers what products they use to keep their hair hydrated in this harsh British weather and a lovely lady suggested i rubbed coconut water onto the ends of my hair before i went to bed! I then realised that the lovely folks over at Brodie & Stone had actually sent me some of the natural world products and i literally jumped for this bottle. I've been using this ever since and i can already see a massive difference and improvement with my hair. It appears less dull and broken and a little more healthy! You can either apply this before bed and let it soak in over night or after towel drying your you can run a little through the ends before blow drying. They also sent me over the matching shampoo so keep an eye out as i will be trying that in the next couple of weeks..

2. My second product is the L'oreal Elvive fibrology thickening shampoo and conditioner- now normally i don't ever buy shampoo of over peoples recommendations as i think everyone's hair is a little different however after watching one of Gabby Lindleys  youtube videos i decided to purchase this product for myself and it's worked a treat! I thought maybe it would just matte your hair together making it appear like it was thickening but oh boy was i wrong! It really does work and i can't recommend it enough. However i wouldn't use this for weeks on end as i think it would eventually matte and strip your hair, so maybe break it up by using a deep conditioning hair masque if your planning on using this for a while.

3. This month in particular i have been suffering from really dry skin on my nose and chin and now on my lips. I was tidying and looking through all the products i have seemed to accumulated throughout the year and came across this little sample tube which i received in my glossybox a while back. Yu-Be claims to be Japans no.1 moisturiser and i can see why, i applied this for only two days to my nose and chin and left it to sink in over night.. the results where insane! It cleared my dry patches almost instantly and left my skin looking healthy and moisturised! The smell is quite strong however it really does work so doesn't bother me!

4. Carrying on from the above i also purchased the intensive nourishing face mask from Liz Earle as a little treat to my poor skin! I apply this after I've used the cleanse and polish which you can read my review for here! Just as a little added extra into my skincare routine. I apply to the dry areas and let it sink in for about 15- 20 minutes and i can see the difference straight away, it instantly clears and makes skin smoother and less dry! Perfect for this super cold weather!

5. My final product if not a little random is this roller ball perfume from Victoria Secret. I bought this back when i was in Florida and love it! I really wish i had bought two as it's so perfect to pop into my work handbag to keep you feeling refreshed through out the day!

What have been your favourites this month?

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*Products marked with an asterix (*) have been gifted / PR Sample. All opinions are 100% my own
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