Friday, 9 January 2015

Soap & Glory Zinging In The Shower..

So realistically what i wanted to do was join this together with a few other bits i got my hands on from the Christmas sales, however I'm currently on day 13 and my lush delivery is still 'processing' and nowhere to be seen.. so whenever that decides to arrive I'll just have to do a separate little (or big as i went slightly crazy) post.

I had been to a few different boots around my area looking for a soap and glory gift set with the sugar crush within it.. but had no luck! Until i went to the massive Bluewater store and picked this up. I definitely think this scent is a grower, I've had it before and i can remember not enjoying it the first time i used it. It's grown on me and now it's one of my favourite scents! Below is what i received within the set.

It came with a 250ml body wash, 50ml body scrub, 300ml body buttercream and a luxe body polisher! I managed to pick this set up for only £9.00 half of its original price. I think this is such great value for money as the buttercream alone is normally priced at £10.50 for the same size i received within this set..

The sugar crush body wash was the first item i ever used from the sugar crush range.. It smells like really sweet lime and includes lime oil, kiwi juice water and skin softening oils. This is my favourite smell when i'm feeling really tired in the morning as it instantly boosts me up.. i also love that it comes with a pump dispenser, this means you won't waste any of the product and you can pump the perfect amount onto the luxe body polisher. The body wash itself when pumped lathers up beautifully and a little goes along way! This left my skin feeling SO soft and i really could feel the oils doing their job!

This body scrub has the strongest scent out of all 3 of the products.. and is by far my favourite product out of the whole range, i find myself re-purchasing this on a regular basis! Because this has almond oil and macadamia nut within it it makes my skin SO soft and gently buffs away any dead skin. It's also made from brown sugar which i believe makes the scrub less harsh than other scrubs out there, it melts away on your skin. I would highly recommend this if your looking for a good quality scrub.

And last but not least is this massive pot of butter cream moisturiser, which i have never used or bought before. I find some of the other soap and glory scents a little to sweet and sickly for my liking so when i discovered this i knew i had to try it! The scent is gorgeous and lingers all day making your skin feel fresh.. the product is so luxurious and creamy it leaves me skin feeling like silk and includes my favourite ingredient shea & cocoa nut balm.. this still has a strong scent but i wouldn't say it's over powering! I love all three of these products & will be purchasing them once they've run out!

What's your favourite Soap and Glory product?




  1. I love soap and glory products.. they all smell amazing! xx

  2. Ohh I have not tried anything from Soap and Glory yet~ ^ ^
    But the products you picked out sound like they would be wonderful! ^ - ^

  3. That's my absolute favourte scent out of all the soap & glory products - I'm so addicted with it!


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