Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Snow Fairy Everything..

Finally i have had time to start chipping away at all the goodies i got from Lush in their boxing day sale! If you haven't already check out everything i got here!

I decided to start off with the two items which appealed to me most (because I'm a crazy snow fairy fan) and the ones i had most been looking forward to receiving.

The Candy Mountain Bubble Bar & The Snow Fairy Massage Bar 

I would just like to say (before i get to the serious blogging bit).. how bloody adorable is that tiny fairy and how much does the candy mountain bubble bar look like something a unicorn pooped out!)


I started off by running a bath and crumbling the bubble bar into the water..

If you've been reading my other posts about lush products you will probably get that i always opt for the bubble bars, i just think these are such great value for money and you can use them more then once. They make your bath so bubbly and you only have to break of a tiny bit to get the above effect. I crumble this under running warm water and watch it do it's magic and breathe in its gorgeous scent! I literally can't get enough of the smell of snow fairy.. it makes me SO sad to think i have to wait a whole year to get this again! The scent reminds me of fair grounds with candy floss and pick a mix! It's so sweet but bearable and the scent stays on your skin all day which is a lovely touch.

Next up was this tiny little snow fairy angel! I would say out of all the snow fairy products this has the strongest scent! It's so soft to touch and you can instantly see the creamy texture of the product rubbing off onto your skin, once you rub away the first layer it has a block of glitter hidden which makes you super sparkly - not going to lie, wasn't ready for how much sparkle was about to cover my entire body.. i looked like a disco ball for a day or so!

This massage bar did start to dissolve very quickly, which leads me to think you probably wouldn't get too many uses out of it, non the less i would say it's worth every use! At first i couldn't quite put my finger on the smell it leaves behind.. unlike the other two this leaves behind a marshmellowy smell! This product is filled with organic shea so i can imagine that's whats giving it this gorgeous scent, it will leave your skin feeling soft, super moisturised and glowing all day!

I loved these two products and can't wait to try out the others!

What has been your favourite Lush product?




  1. Love your review!
    I Love snow fairy as well, I discover d it not to long ago ( I'm not to much into candy scents, but I like to use it ones in a while)

    I almost got the massage bar ass well but then my boy friend picked an other one ( wich was amazing)

    My favourite product is.... oww they're so many!!
    I love the lipscrubs and sea salt scrub.



    1. Thank you my lovely! Oooooh , i loved the massage bar but maybe a tad too glittery for my liking! xo

  2. I got both of these at christmas and loved them both, the massage bar did leave me covered in glitter though haha! x

    1. haha i know! I felt like it meleted so quickly as well! xo

  3. This is such a great post! I love bath products so much :)
    - C
    Claudine Converses

    1. Thank you! If you love bath products i would deffo go to Lush! xo

  4. Love this post!! I too love the snow fairy scent, i only manage to pick up a little bottle of the shower gel this time and I'm savouring every last drop hehe!! xxx

    KirstyLeigh // Bloglovin

    1. I literally just finished my last bottle :( so sad! xo

  5. My favorite lush product would have to be the mascara whoops haha.
    xx aimzeebeauty.blogspot.com

    1. I had no idea they even did mascara! Will have to check that out! xo

  6. Looks amazing! Yet I find the snow fairy way tooo sweet for me haha.



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