Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Boxing Day Lush Haul

I'm so excited that i have finally received this package yesterday.. i mean it only took lush 18 days to get it to me! In fact ordering from their online boxing day sale has been an absolute nightmare.. don't get me wrong the customer service inside the shop can't be knocked however the same can't be said for their online service. Apparently lush over sold all their products in their boxing day sale resulting in them having to make new products to send out to people, now i don't mind that.. but i do mind not being told this until 6 days after they had taken the money from my bank account. My order showed 'processing' for 16 days and when i asked for a refund for my postage they said they couldn't because it only took them 2 days to actually get to me from being dispatched blah blah blah.. I do feel a little let down as i always felt Lush had great customer service.. not only did they refuse to refund my postage they just offered to basically send me more goods free of charge which makes no sense as they would be paying out for the product and also for extra postage and packaging.. but there we go.. hopefully this package won't take 18 days to arrive! However I'm super happy i have FINALLY received these lovely products and i just wanted to share with you what i manage to get my hands on!

First up was the 'Star Of Wonder' inside this vibrant pink box included -
  • The sparkler ballistic
  • Snow fairy shower gel 
  • Star light star bright bath melt 
  • Shoot for the starts bath bomb
  • Candy mountain bubble bar 
  • Snow fairy sparkle massage bar
This RRP's for £26.50 and i managed to pick this up for £11.04! An absolute bargain for any snow fairy fan! It has everything i love and if you've read my previous lush post you will know I've wanted to try the sparkler ballistic for a while! I'm so excited to use all these products and let the snow fairy scent live on past December!

 Next up was two so white bath bombs which i picked up for £1.46 each..  i can't actually find the full retail price but i think it's somewhere around £2.50? They are one of my favourite bath bombs so at such  great price i decided to purchase two of them! I then picked up the Sakura bath bomb which smells amazing and looks really interesting, I'm really looking forward to using this one as it looks like it will turn your bath some funky colours..! And last but not least is this absolutely adorable Christmas hedgehog bubble bar which i managed to pick up for £1.35 which i think retails around £2.50 - £3.50.

Overall i do think it was worth the effort as i managed to pick up some great bargains but I'm not sure i would order from their online sale again! Make sure you keep an eye out on my posts as i will be reviewing each and every item from this haul!




  1. I hate when a company has bad customer service, especially when you've ordered something online.
    It always puts me off using them again which is a shame. I've found this with online shops like boohoo & Missguided, which is a shame as I usually love their clothes!

    Hopefully the products from Lush make up for everything though! They look amazing & I'll be sure to go into a shop instead of shop online haha


    1. Tell me about it, i had such high hopes from Lush! I thought they where known for their customer service!! For sure go into the shop!.. i love their products! xo

  2. I really wanted to order from Lush on boxing day but the site just wasn't working for me! I'm surprised they didn't refund you for the postage, most places would if theres problems with delivery. It looks like you got some great things though, I love shoot for the stars :) xx

    1. I know, at first the site woulnd't work for me then all these sale items appeared randomly! I know! They have said it's because they say it should take 2-5 days from the day they dispatch! cheeky really! xo

  3. Oh my gosh, that star of wonder box looks like an absolute dream! :) I am really surprised by the awful customer service you recieved though! Not like them normally! On another note, that hedgehog is ADORABLE :} (& I love your blog header)

    Kayleigh xoxo


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