Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Snow Fairy Everything..

Finally i have had time to start chipping away at all the goodies i got from Lush in their boxing day sale! If you haven't already check out everything i got here!

I decided to start off with the two items which appealed to me most (because I'm a crazy snow fairy fan) and the ones i had most been looking forward to receiving.

The Candy Mountain Bubble Bar & The Snow Fairy Massage Bar 

I would just like to say (before i get to the serious blogging bit).. how bloody adorable is that tiny fairy and how much does the candy mountain bubble bar look like something a unicorn pooped out!)


I started off by running a bath and crumbling the bubble bar into the water..

If you've been reading my other posts about lush products you will probably get that i always opt for the bubble bars, i just think these are such great value for money and you can use them more then once. They make your bath so bubbly and you only have to break of a tiny bit to get the above effect. I crumble this under running warm water and watch it do it's magic and breathe in its gorgeous scent! I literally can't get enough of the smell of snow fairy.. it makes me SO sad to think i have to wait a whole year to get this again! The scent reminds me of fair grounds with candy floss and pick a mix! It's so sweet but bearable and the scent stays on your skin all day which is a lovely touch.

Next up was this tiny little snow fairy angel! I would say out of all the snow fairy products this has the strongest scent! It's so soft to touch and you can instantly see the creamy texture of the product rubbing off onto your skin, once you rub away the first layer it has a block of glitter hidden which makes you super sparkly - not going to lie, wasn't ready for how much sparkle was about to cover my entire body.. i looked like a disco ball for a day or so!

This massage bar did start to dissolve very quickly, which leads me to think you probably wouldn't get too many uses out of it, non the less i would say it's worth every use! At first i couldn't quite put my finger on the smell it leaves behind.. unlike the other two this leaves behind a marshmellowy smell! This product is filled with organic shea so i can imagine that's whats giving it this gorgeous scent, it will leave your skin feeling soft, super moisturised and glowing all day!

I loved these two products and can't wait to try out the others!

What has been your favourite Lush product?



Saturday, 24 January 2015

KIKO MILANO | Clic System

 Hey Everyone! 

After reading my bestie Emma's blog, i had to pick one of these clic system palettes myself. As you can see from her blog post they have walls of eyeshadow pans to choose from, the Oxford Street London shop itself is pretty hectic and they only seemed to have one till working which was a nightmare.

The clic palettes go from 1 empty space to having 24 empty spaces. As i had never tried any products from KIKO i decided i would start of with a quad. For my first KIKO palette i kept it pretty simple and went for a selection i would use to make a perfect Autumanl smokey eye!

The shades i went for include -  218, 219, 257 & 215 (update: a few of these have now been discontinued, full list of shades here) three of the pans where £5.90 and one was on sale at £2.90. In total i spent around £22 for the shadows and palette, which is great for a buildable and fully customazied personal eyeshadow palette. Each colour is pigmented, creamy and really easy to blend! There is a little fall out, however nothing major! I was really impressed with the pigmentation of each pan and have since visited and gone back for a few more bits!

Have you tried any of the KIKO products, wha'ts your favourite shade?

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Boxing Day Lush Haul

I'm so excited that i have finally received this package yesterday.. i mean it only took lush 18 days to get it to me! In fact ordering from their online boxing day sale has been an absolute nightmare.. don't get me wrong the customer service inside the shop can't be knocked however the same can't be said for their online service. Apparently lush over sold all their products in their boxing day sale resulting in them having to make new products to send out to people, now i don't mind that.. but i do mind not being told this until 6 days after they had taken the money from my bank account. My order showed 'processing' for 16 days and when i asked for a refund for my postage they said they couldn't because it only took them 2 days to actually get to me from being dispatched blah blah blah.. I do feel a little let down as i always felt Lush had great customer service.. not only did they refuse to refund my postage they just offered to basically send me more goods free of charge which makes no sense as they would be paying out for the product and also for extra postage and packaging.. but there we go.. hopefully this package won't take 18 days to arrive! However I'm super happy i have FINALLY received these lovely products and i just wanted to share with you what i manage to get my hands on!

First up was the 'Star Of Wonder' inside this vibrant pink box included -
  • The sparkler ballistic
  • Snow fairy shower gel 
  • Star light star bright bath melt 
  • Shoot for the starts bath bomb
  • Candy mountain bubble bar 
  • Snow fairy sparkle massage bar
This RRP's for £26.50 and i managed to pick this up for £11.04! An absolute bargain for any snow fairy fan! It has everything i love and if you've read my previous lush post you will know I've wanted to try the sparkler ballistic for a while! I'm so excited to use all these products and let the snow fairy scent live on past December!

 Next up was two so white bath bombs which i picked up for £1.46 each..  i can't actually find the full retail price but i think it's somewhere around £2.50? They are one of my favourite bath bombs so at such  great price i decided to purchase two of them! I then picked up the Sakura bath bomb which smells amazing and looks really interesting, I'm really looking forward to using this one as it looks like it will turn your bath some funky colours..! And last but not least is this absolutely adorable Christmas hedgehog bubble bar which i managed to pick up for £1.35 which i think retails around £2.50 - £3.50.

Overall i do think it was worth the effort as i managed to pick up some great bargains but I'm not sure i would order from their online sale again! Make sure you keep an eye out on my posts as i will be reviewing each and every item from this haul!



Friday, 9 January 2015

Soap & Glory Zinging In The Shower..

So realistically what i wanted to do was join this together with a few other bits i got my hands on from the Christmas sales, however I'm currently on day 13 and my lush delivery is still 'processing' and nowhere to be seen.. so whenever that decides to arrive I'll just have to do a separate little (or big as i went slightly crazy) post.

I had been to a few different boots around my area looking for a soap and glory gift set with the sugar crush within it.. but had no luck! Until i went to the massive Bluewater store and picked this up. I definitely think this scent is a grower, I've had it before and i can remember not enjoying it the first time i used it. It's grown on me and now it's one of my favourite scents! Below is what i received within the set.

It came with a 250ml body wash, 50ml body scrub, 300ml body buttercream and a luxe body polisher! I managed to pick this set up for only £9.00 half of its original price. I think this is such great value for money as the buttercream alone is normally priced at £10.50 for the same size i received within this set..

The sugar crush body wash was the first item i ever used from the sugar crush range.. It smells like really sweet lime and includes lime oil, kiwi juice water and skin softening oils. This is my favourite smell when i'm feeling really tired in the morning as it instantly boosts me up.. i also love that it comes with a pump dispenser, this means you won't waste any of the product and you can pump the perfect amount onto the luxe body polisher. The body wash itself when pumped lathers up beautifully and a little goes along way! This left my skin feeling SO soft and i really could feel the oils doing their job!

This body scrub has the strongest scent out of all 3 of the products.. and is by far my favourite product out of the whole range, i find myself re-purchasing this on a regular basis! Because this has almond oil and macadamia nut within it it makes my skin SO soft and gently buffs away any dead skin. It's also made from brown sugar which i believe makes the scrub less harsh than other scrubs out there, it melts away on your skin. I would highly recommend this if your looking for a good quality scrub.

And last but not least is this massive pot of butter cream moisturiser, which i have never used or bought before. I find some of the other soap and glory scents a little to sweet and sickly for my liking so when i discovered this i knew i had to try it! The scent is gorgeous and lingers all day making your skin feel fresh.. the product is so luxurious and creamy it leaves me skin feeling like silk and includes my favourite ingredient shea & cocoa nut balm.. this still has a strong scent but i wouldn't say it's over powering! I love all three of these products & will be purchasing them once they've run out!

What's your favourite Soap and Glory product?



Monday, 5 January 2015

Happy New Year!

I have been a very bad blogger over the festive period.. but in my defence my laptop died a horrible death and just turned off and wouldn't wake back up! However, i didn't mind to much as i thought this was the perfect time to suck it up and purchase my first MacBook! Which was possibly my best decision of the year and it's only the 5th! Anyway i just wanted to wish all you lovely people who follow, read and comment on my blog a very happy new year, thank you all so much for your love and support other the past couple of months! It means a lot and i can't believe how many views i have on my blog!

Now i didn't want to do a standard New Years Resolutions post so when i saw this cute post on Lauren Conrads blog i thought I'd answer the questions..!

1) I would love to stop biting my nails, this is literally my worst habit and i think it actually repulses some people. My nails look rank and every time i manage to grow them the tiniest bit i end up biting them down again, if anyone has any tips please leave me a comment.. I've even tried the liquid you pop on the nail but i actually bite through! Eeeeeekk...

2) So in 2014 i pretty much had my dream holiday which you can read about here. I went to Florida and did everything you could think of.. all the most popular touristy destinations including Disneyland, Universal and Seaworld. I really enjoyed being in America and would love to go back to visit Las Vegas and New York!

3) I feel that 2015 is the year for this blog, i would love to work harder at it and really work and get myself organised to schedule blog posts, go to blog meet ups and go to a few more events! I've really enjoyed writing this blog and i just don't want to stop!

4) This is going to seem like a a bit of a boring answer but i don't actually have any projects on the go that need finishing. Saying that i would love to try and make some of the DIY beauty products i keep seeing floating around on Pinterest including the homemade sugar scrubs.. but as everyone knows anything you ever make from Pinterest never is quite as good!

5) I was talking to my Mum about this the other day, i actually miss going to college and learning new things. I'd really love to go and do an Indian head massage course of just a general massage course, I've had a lot of problems with my muscles and joints etc after a shoulder operation and would love to learn new ways to ease tension and also help other people!

6) I would love to spend more time with my loved ones and visiting different countries and places around the UK! I have really enjoyed my little trips this year - my personal highlights were climbing Snowdonia & Scafell Pike.

7) Probably just to carry on eating healthy and not eat as much junk food! I've found too much sugar really messes up my skin!

8) I would like to be a bit more adventurous with what i wear, push myself out of the comfort zone. Stop wearing plain boring colours and tops and spruce up my wardrobe a little!

Happy New Year everyone! What are your New Year resolutions?


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