Thursday, 11 December 2014

Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb

So unless you've been living under a rock for the last month then you would of seen many bloggers raving and loving Lush's Christmas range and i would say the most talked about and reviewed being the luxury lush pud bath bomb. I would say this is probably Lush's brightest and most intriguing bath bomb, it's caught my eye on more than 1 occasion when visiting different Lush shops over the Christmas period and i finally gave in.. it was too beautiful to resist & the smell is well and truly gorgeous!

The main colour of this bath bomb is pink, but it also has a few tiny bath bombs inside the large one which includes greens, blues, yellows and oranges. As the bath bomb starts to fizz away they will separate from the large bath bomb creating pops of colour amongst the pink.. I'm also gonna mention here that somewhere within this bath bomb is glitter.. and quite a lot of it! I came out the bath looking like a disco ball.. not that i don't enjoy that look, but maybe give it a miss if your going out and don't want to be super glittery!

The bath bomb shares its fragrance with the twilight bath bomb which includes tonka absolute, ylang ylang & relaxing lavender oil. These are the perfect ingredients to make you feel relaxed and sleepy after a long day being a busy bee! I think it's great it shares it's fragrance with another bath bomb as this is limited addition and they are always the best ones! I love the smell and it left my skin super moisturised! This bath bomb is pretty big for a bath bomb and is a real luxury! It retails at £3.50 and can be bought from the lush online shop here.

Is this one of your Lush faves? 




  1. I've been wanting to try this bath bomb for ages it looks amazing in the bath :) I didn't know it was glittery though haha!
    Lucy x

    1. My god me either! I had to pop out after & my mum was like.. wow you're SO sparkly! But deffo try one they are so lovely xo

  2. Defiinitely going to have to try this one it sounds right up my street! // UK Fashion Blog

  3. The bath looks so good haha!
    I love bath bombs, especially glittery ones :)
    Lush literally do the best bath bombs!
    Blogmas | December 13th

    1. I know!! They are my fave every time.. nothing compares to a lush bath bomb! xo

  4. Looks so pretty!
    Like happiness in a bath tube ;)



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