Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Revolution Mini Haul..

After i had been sent and also reviewed the ultra blush palette back in September, which you can see here. I decided it was about time i made my first order directly through their own site and here are the few bits i picked up..!

The first thing that went straight into my shopping basket & what i had been lusting after for a couple of weeks was the blushing hearts triple baked blusher! I had seen a few blogs flying around about this gorgeous 3 tone blusher and i wanted one for myself!

This baked blush is called 'Candy Queen of Hearts' & retailed at £4.99. If it's anything like the ultra blush palette i will be seriously impressed, i am really loving the baked blushers at the moment, they are so pigmented & i find they sit better on my skin & stay put all day! These come in a few different shades & can also be purchased as just bronzers or highlighters!

I then really wanted to try out the range of lipsticks they have. I don't have many lipsticks myself so thought it would be the perfect time to expand my lipstick collection! These are both part of the Amazing Lipstick collection retailing at just £1.00 each! The left lipstick is shade 'Cheer' and the right is shade 'Divine'. For £1.00 the quality and the pigmentation is amazing, i can honestly see why beauty bloggers have been raving about these! I will be sure to expand my collection further as i really like the look of the limited addition Vamp collection, they have some really pretty dark plums for autumn!

I then picked up these two stunning palettes, the top if the iconic palette 1 & the second is the iconic palette 2. They may look similar but i can assure you the colours are different, the reason i picked both of these up was not only had i heard and seen (on more than a few youtube reviews) that these are once again super pigmented like all other makeup revolution products but they are supposed to be one of the best dupes for the naked palettes. I myself don't have the naked palettes so can't compare, however i think the colours are pretty spot on from what I've seen! I actually used the bottom palette when i went up to London for an event this week & the colour was stunning, it stayed on all evening and didn't budge or crease!  I can't wait to have a play around with the other colours! They each contain 12 shades & retail at £4.00 per palette!

All of the above make up can be found in either Superdrug or here -

Which are your favourite Revolution products? 



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  1. I love this range and the quality is fab, great prices too. Lovely post x
    Rachel x


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