Thursday, 6 November 2014

LUSH | Mini Haul

Hey Everyone!

What beauty blogger doesn't love Lush products? This is just a small selection of some Christmas products available at my local Lush Crawley store. The shop was rammed so i grabbed a few bits and made a bolt for it! 

Snow Fairy | 250g £7.95

My first purchase and the main reason i battle people during the festive period is to pick up my absolute favourite shower gel. This bright pink product smells like pear drops, candy floss and bubble gum and is every sweet lovers dream! This is a limited addition product and it is quite expensive for a shower gel, so keep your eyes peeled on the boxing day sale!

Wizard Bubble Bar | £3.95 (discontinued)

The next thing i picked up was a bubble bar, bubble bars are my absolute product lush have made. They are great value for money and can be re-used. You crumble a little within your hands and run under the water, they make tons of bubbles! What i didn't realise when i picked this up, was that it's actually a discontinued 2014 Halloween product. The main ingredients to this product are fennel oil, juniper berry oil, tangerine oil and ylang ylang - the combination of these provides a sweet yet spicy smell! It made me feel lovely & relaxed and made my bath a beautiful lavender colour. 

Cinder Bath Bomb | £2.50 (discontinued) 

I have to admit at first i wasn't a huge fan of the smell of this, however i purchased and gave it a whirl. The main ingredients used to make this sweet and spicy festive sent are almond essential oil, cinnamon leaf oil and sweet orange oil. Such a great festive treat after a long day at work! The product itself had popping candy encased into the bath bomb which was so exciting to listen too as the bath was running! The only down side and i have never experienced this with a bath bomb from lush before is that it stained my white bath a delightful.. or not so delightful shade of yellow! I had to get the bleach out and scrub the sides, which is a massive shame as i would of repurchased it! 

I really want to try the northern lights bath bomb, the melting snowman and the candy mountain bubble bar! Can't wait too get back to Lush when hopefully it's a little less busy.. or maybe I'll order online!

What's your favourite Lush festive product? 

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  1. I love Snow Fairy, have to have it every year :) x

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine // Blog Sale

  2. I love Snow Fairy so much! I had to get a huge bottle, as it's so amazing and lasts a long time! Hopefully it'll last ages!
    I really want to try their Bubble Bars and Bath Bombs, but I don't have a bath at my current flat :( xx

    1. I literally couldn't live without a bath! The bubble bars are my fave! Enjoy your snow fairy! 💕

  3. Its my first time using LUSH this year and I just love the Christmas range, You should try Luxury Lush Pud. Snow Fairy & Candy Mountain are next on my LUSH list :) xx

    1. Ah yes!! I have heard nothing but great things about that lush pud! Will be doing a little online shopping tomorrow I think.. Enjoy your first lush Christmas!! Garenteee it won't be your last! xx

  4. I work at Lush haha and it's honestly the best job ever - I am going to be reviewing sooo many items from there! :) The Wizard bubble bar is amazing at relaxing your senses :) Golden Wonder is my favourite bath bomb :)
    Anjna Harish

    1. Oh my gooood, i am SO jel! I wish i could work their and try out all their lovely products! Would be heaven! xx

  5. You picked up some gorgeous bits! I'm not a fan of busy shops either!

    Style Sunrise☀


    1. Thank you! I know, i nearly got pushed to the ground in the yankee candle shop! xx


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