Thursday, 20 November 2014

Disney Adventure - Day 3 & 4

And I'm back... I have been SO poorly the last week or so with a chest infection! So i haven't concentrated on writing any blog posts recently! I am aware its nearly been a month since i have been to Disneyland but i wanted to share my 3rd and 4th days with you!

On our 3rd day in France we decided to go back to Disneyland and hit Walt Disney Studios which is a separate park conjoined to the main park. You need to purchase a park hopper for both parks if you want to visit both of them.. and i really would!! I would say that Hollywood studios is definitely for older children / younger adults!

We started off by queueing for the Studio Tram Tour, which is supposed to be like going behind the scenes of a movie.. except not a lot happened and we got stuck behind a chavy family which where possible the most annoying people ever. The only two bits which where pretty cool where when they show you how they blow things up ... After that we decided to be brave.. and i literally have NO idea why we did this seeing as we both aren't a massive fan of rollercoatsers. We headed for the Hollywood Tower of Terror.. which all in all was the most terrifying experience of my LIFE!

One of the main reasons we wanted to do this is because in Florida the Que was massive and well over a 1 hour wait, we wanted to see what all the fuss was about.. and with a 10 minute Que we couldn't really say no.. but for someone with a massive fear of lifts i really have no idea why we went on this! It basically drops you from the top to the bottom.. for a while! I felt so sick when i came out!! After this we to go on a few of the roller coasters including the rock and roller coaster.. we then went back the main Disneyland park and decided to do the Indiana Jones ride AND space mountain 2! We literally did all the roller coasters in both parks in the space of about 6 hours. To say we felt sick was an understatement.. i think space mountain topped us over the edge and we went in search for steak and red wine!

We wandered out and into the Disney village and decided to go for the 'steakhouse' they also had a set menu like the other restuarant 'blue lagoon' we had prevsiously visited inside the pirates of the caribbean ride.. once again we both went for steak and creme brulee and it was deeeeeelicious!

After we where full to the brim of yummy steak we headed back over to the park and watched the fire works one more time! This time we waited for about an hour and was right at the front!

The next day we woke up and wandered back in to the shopping centre which i mentioned on my first blog, we were hoping for the shops to be open however they weren't instead we mooched around, drunk Starbucks, had lunch and i bought a beaaaautiful Michael Kors bag (because obviously the expensive shops where still open)! It was then time to come home after an amazing trip!




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