Thursday, 27 November 2014

Lovely Deer Christmas Decorations...

As Christmas is approaching faster and faster i thought i would share these Lovely Deer Christmas tree decorations with all my followers..  I was lucky enough to have these sent to me by the lovely Gemma at Lovely Deer Homeware. 

These homemade decorations are made from two separate materials. The top being laser cut from perspex with a beautiful frosted finish.. they glisten, sparkle and catch the lights from your Christmas tree fairy lights perfectly! They are the ideal size for any tree and can even be made to special measurements if required. They retail at £3.50 and will instantly liven up your tree with Christmas magic! The bottom are similar decorations but hand cut and made from beautifully polished copper! These also catch the light perfectly and give your tree a more rustic feel. These retail at £7.50 and can also be made to special measurements if required all you have to do is drop Gemma an email and she will be more than happy to help you out!

Lovely Deer Homeware offer a range of charming homemade products which are finished gorgeously and would make the perfect Christmas presents. Gemma can make anything to order including all of her uniquely designed jewellery and ceramics! Make sure you check out her Etsy shop to see what other goodies she's selling this Christmas!



Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Revolution Mini Haul..

After i had been sent and also reviewed the ultra blush palette back in September, which you can see here. I decided it was about time i made my first order directly through their own site and here are the few bits i picked up..!

The first thing that went straight into my shopping basket & what i had been lusting after for a couple of weeks was the blushing hearts triple baked blusher! I had seen a few blogs flying around about this gorgeous 3 tone blusher and i wanted one for myself!

This baked blush is called 'Candy Queen of Hearts' & retailed at £4.99. If it's anything like the ultra blush palette i will be seriously impressed, i am really loving the baked blushers at the moment, they are so pigmented & i find they sit better on my skin & stay put all day! These come in a few different shades & can also be purchased as just bronzers or highlighters!

I then really wanted to try out the range of lipsticks they have. I don't have many lipsticks myself so thought it would be the perfect time to expand my lipstick collection! These are both part of the Amazing Lipstick collection retailing at just £1.00 each! The left lipstick is shade 'Cheer' and the right is shade 'Divine'. For £1.00 the quality and the pigmentation is amazing, i can honestly see why beauty bloggers have been raving about these! I will be sure to expand my collection further as i really like the look of the limited addition Vamp collection, they have some really pretty dark plums for autumn!

I then picked up these two stunning palettes, the top if the iconic palette 1 & the second is the iconic palette 2. They may look similar but i can assure you the colours are different, the reason i picked both of these up was not only had i heard and seen (on more than a few youtube reviews) that these are once again super pigmented like all other makeup revolution products but they are supposed to be one of the best dupes for the naked palettes. I myself don't have the naked palettes so can't compare, however i think the colours are pretty spot on from what I've seen! I actually used the bottom palette when i went up to London for an event this week & the colour was stunning, it stayed on all evening and didn't budge or crease!  I can't wait to have a play around with the other colours! They each contain 12 shades & retail at £4.00 per palette!

All of the above make up can be found in either Superdrug or here -

Which are your favourite Revolution products? 



Thursday, 20 November 2014

Disney Adventure - Day 3 & 4

And I'm back... I have been SO poorly the last week or so with a chest infection! So i haven't concentrated on writing any blog posts recently! I am aware its nearly been a month since i have been to Disneyland but i wanted to share my 3rd and 4th days with you!

On our 3rd day in France we decided to go back to Disneyland and hit Walt Disney Studios which is a separate park conjoined to the main park. You need to purchase a park hopper for both parks if you want to visit both of them.. and i really would!! I would say that Hollywood studios is definitely for older children / younger adults!

We started off by queueing for the Studio Tram Tour, which is supposed to be like going behind the scenes of a movie.. except not a lot happened and we got stuck behind a chavy family which where possible the most annoying people ever. The only two bits which where pretty cool where when they show you how they blow things up ... After that we decided to be brave.. and i literally have NO idea why we did this seeing as we both aren't a massive fan of rollercoatsers. We headed for the Hollywood Tower of Terror.. which all in all was the most terrifying experience of my LIFE!

One of the main reasons we wanted to do this is because in Florida the Que was massive and well over a 1 hour wait, we wanted to see what all the fuss was about.. and with a 10 minute Que we couldn't really say no.. but for someone with a massive fear of lifts i really have no idea why we went on this! It basically drops you from the top to the bottom.. for a while! I felt so sick when i came out!! After this we to go on a few of the roller coasters including the rock and roller coaster.. we then went back the main Disneyland park and decided to do the Indiana Jones ride AND space mountain 2! We literally did all the roller coasters in both parks in the space of about 6 hours. To say we felt sick was an understatement.. i think space mountain topped us over the edge and we went in search for steak and red wine!

We wandered out and into the Disney village and decided to go for the 'steakhouse' they also had a set menu like the other restuarant 'blue lagoon' we had prevsiously visited inside the pirates of the caribbean ride.. once again we both went for steak and creme brulee and it was deeeeeelicious!

After we where full to the brim of yummy steak we headed back over to the park and watched the fire works one more time! This time we waited for about an hour and was right at the front!

The next day we woke up and wandered back in to the shopping centre which i mentioned on my first blog, we were hoping for the shops to be open however they weren't instead we mooched around, drunk Starbucks, had lunch and i bought a beaaaautiful Michael Kors bag (because obviously the expensive shops where still open)! It was then time to come home after an amazing trip!



Sunday, 9 November 2014

CUPCAKES | Vanilla & White Chocolate Engagement

 Hey Everyone!

Seeing as everybody loved my Oero cupcake recipe so much (thank you!) I decided to share another simple cupcake recipe with you all. This time are simple vanilla cupcakes with a white chocolate icing. I have also in the past made the same cupcake with champagne buttercream icing so have shared that below also! 

I hope you enjoy!

Receipe makes 12 cupcakes.

Sponge Ingredient's
100g Unsalted Butter - Softened 
150g Self - Raising Flour
3 Tablespoons Milk 
2 Large Eggs
1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract

To make sponge
1) Preheat your oven to 180c / 160c (if using fan) Pick out your muffin cases, i went for silver for the engagement theme.. these cases are actually from sainsbury's and really good sturdy quality! I also use a muffin tin as these are deep enough to keep the shape of your cupcakes!
2) Measure all your ingredients into a large bowl and beat until it forms a smooth blended mixture, then spoon evenly between the cases 
3) Bake in a preheated oven for 20 - 25 minutes until they have risen and are golden brown then take the cupcakes out of the muffin tin and place on a cooling rack...

White Chocolate Buttercream
500g Icing Sugar 
160g Unsalted Butter - Softened
50ml Milk
White Chocolate (I never measure this & just add it in slowly as this can curdle your butter cream) 

Prosecco Buttercream Ingredient's
200g unsalted butter
640g icing sugar 
5 - 6 tbsp of prosecco 

To make the buttercream
1) Beat the butter until it has formed a pale and creamy mixture 
2) Slowly add the Icing sugar into the butter mixture and beat together, i then leave a little icing sugar in a bowl to use for later. 
3) Then add half the milk into the mixture just to soften it up a little 
4) Then melt your White Chocolate in the microwave or over the stove (which you prefer) & add to your butter cream, 
5) I then add the rest of the milk & icing sugar to the mixture and beat together one last time, until the mixture is soft and creamy. If it is a little soft, just add some extra icing sugar to thicken up the butter cream. 
6) I then put this into a disposable pipping back with my 1M Wilton tip and pipe away! 

I then decorated the cakes with silver glitter, pearl balls & last but not least top with engagement ring toppers! (which you can buy here!)

Have you tried this cupcake recipe?! What's your favourite cake flavour?

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Friday, 7 November 2014

October In Pictures..

Because i haven't had a chance to do my October favourites and to be completely honest with you, i have been so busy at work i haven't even had time to appreciate beauty products and pick any faves for this month! So.. i decided to switch it up and do my October in pictures! I will double up on my November favourites.. promise!

1. - Family Wedding Snap, 2. Pretty Muddy 5k Run, 3. Photo booth Fun, 4. Disneyland Paris, 5. Photo booth Fun, 6. Michael Kors LOVE 7. IKEA - Meatballs, 8. Disney Parade! 9. BRIDESMAID!

A dam good month!


Thursday, 6 November 2014

LUSH | Mini Haul

Hey Everyone!

What beauty blogger doesn't love Lush products? This is just a small selection of some Christmas products available at my local Lush Crawley store. The shop was rammed so i grabbed a few bits and made a bolt for it! 

Snow Fairy | 250g £7.95

My first purchase and the main reason i battle people during the festive period is to pick up my absolute favourite shower gel. This bright pink product smells like pear drops, candy floss and bubble gum and is every sweet lovers dream! This is a limited addition product and it is quite expensive for a shower gel, so keep your eyes peeled on the boxing day sale!

Wizard Bubble Bar | £3.95 (discontinued)

The next thing i picked up was a bubble bar, bubble bars are my absolute product lush have made. They are great value for money and can be re-used. You crumble a little within your hands and run under the water, they make tons of bubbles! What i didn't realise when i picked this up, was that it's actually a discontinued 2014 Halloween product. The main ingredients to this product are fennel oil, juniper berry oil, tangerine oil and ylang ylang - the combination of these provides a sweet yet spicy smell! It made me feel lovely & relaxed and made my bath a beautiful lavender colour. 

Cinder Bath Bomb | £2.50 (discontinued) 

I have to admit at first i wasn't a huge fan of the smell of this, however i purchased and gave it a whirl. The main ingredients used to make this sweet and spicy festive sent are almond essential oil, cinnamon leaf oil and sweet orange oil. Such a great festive treat after a long day at work! The product itself had popping candy encased into the bath bomb which was so exciting to listen too as the bath was running! The only down side and i have never experienced this with a bath bomb from lush before is that it stained my white bath a delightful.. or not so delightful shade of yellow! I had to get the bleach out and scrub the sides, which is a massive shame as i would of repurchased it! 

I really want to try the northern lights bath bomb, the melting snowman and the candy mountain bubble bar! Can't wait too get back to Lush when hopefully it's a little less busy.. or maybe I'll order online!

What's your favourite Lush festive product? 

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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Disney Adventure - Day 2

And the Disney Adventure continues, this blog is going to be ALOT of pictures & not much else!... We decided that we REALLY wanted crepes and coffee on the Friday morning and thought it would be a great idea to go back to the shopping centre. WELL, it might be great for shopping but it is NOT great for crepes! We went to a few different places & they all said that they where closed (which is bizarre, as i always imagined crepes as a morning kind of dish?). Until we found a cute little restaurant/cafe inside called 'Paul's' the only downside is that they all spoke French and NO English they also acted like they hated us. The service was terrible and took ages to even get served or order anything! We ended up settling for Nutella Crepes because they couldn't understand lemon and sugar... & then told us they had no lemon? None the less, the crepes them self and the coffee was delicious! I could of eaten another.. but it was DISNEY TIME!

We popped on our ears and obviously had a quick mirror selfie.. and then we headed out!

Even though our hotel had a free shuttle, we wanted to walk to Disney and see how long it would actually take us just in case we missed the shuttle on the way back.. it literally took 10 minutes! We went in to the main Disney park and qued to exchange our e-tickets for real tickets.. this literally took ages! The park was completely decorated for the Halloween / harvest season! Including huge pumpkins shaped like mickey and Minnie.. it was AMAZIN.. this soon made up for waiting in the que for almost 30 minutes!

The parade started as soon as we walked through the gates, this was such great timing.. It was like they knew we had arrived! The parade was Autumn / Harvest themed as well, which really added to the atmosphere!

We then took the necessary selfies, that all girls have to take at Disney! 

We then decided to visit the dragon under the castle. This particular castle is based on Sleeping Beauty unlike the Magic Kingdom castle in America which is based on Cinderella. The castle features two parts! Underneath a dragon which breathes smoke and wiggles around in it's dungeon! And then a concrete balcony walk through area with sleeping beauty stained glass windows and tapestries! Which for some weird reason we didn't even go on!

We then mooched around went on some of our favourite rides which included the  haunted mansion and the pirates of the Caribbean. Whilst at the pirates of the Caribbean ride we decided to book in at the blue lagoon restaurant which is literally inside the ride. You eat and watch the boats go round! We booked and did a few more rides!

We then just happen to walk out the back of the Disney castle where are a few of the Disney villians where surrounding the maleficent thorns. Some of them where super creepy.. aka Gaston!

The second parade then started which had more popular and up to date characters such as Anna, Elsa, Rapunzel and Toy Story! It was really great although i thought it was supposed to be more of a night time thing.. but it was still light. The one in in Florida was done once it had got dark in the park and i think that added to the atmosphere really! By the time this was done, we went on a few more rides.. had some candy floss as big as our heads! And then made our way back to the pirates of the Caribbean ride for some food and wine!

We had booked for 8 and we were glad we did, it was quite busy! Inside the restuarant its decorated
 as if you where in the Caribbean eating on the shore! We both started with a cocktail & watched the boats go you can tell below, i really enjoyed the Disney cup.. i wanted to take it with me!

 As we were feeling hungry and this seemed a better deal we both went for the 'Buccaneer Menu' which was 29.99 euros for 1 starter and 1 main course!

I had the Caribbean salad to start which was full of lettuce, avocado, pineapple, kidney beans, corn, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and mango vinaigrette! Which at first i enjoyed but i don't think the pineapple really went in there with it! It was a bit of a weird combination of foods, but nice none the less!
Then the Caribbean Chicken Colombo which was served with fragrant rice and roasted plantain, which i had never had before and was delicious, it kind of tasted like roasted bananas!

After a glass of red wine we then headed over  castle to watch the fireworks.. on our way i took this picture of the castle with the thorns lit up which looked incredible! 

 We got a pretty good place to the left of the castle.. The Fireworks show was amazing, not only did they have the fireworks and light projections they had water show with projections into the spraying water.. it went on for about 30 minutes! This is always my favourite bit of Disney!

Keep your eyes peeled for the day 3 ...

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