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FAVOURITES | September


I'm aware it's no longer September and it hasn't been for about a week... BUT better late than never! As i explained in my previous post I was really poorly with food poisoning & then annoyingly caught a cold! As you can tell my health is superb.. However i really wanted to share with you guys my September favourites & i didn't want to miss out on doing this post!

1. Garnier Ultimate, The Sleek Restorer Shampoo & Conditioner 
I had seen a few of the beauty bloggers on YouTube using this & i was intrigued so as soon as i needed a new shampoo and conditioner i popped down to my local Tesco and picked up the sleek restorer shampoo & conditioner. My hair was feeling a little dry since having it bleached so i went for the shampoo which had coconut oil and cocoa butter in it. It lathers up lovely and the smell is gorgeous! At first i thought the product was a little harsh for my hair as i had to use quite a lot of the conditioner after the shampoo as it was feeling knotty. However after blow drying i was SO impressed, my hair was silky smooth and it was feeling less dry within days! It's about £2.79 for the 250ml bottle.. but they always have deals so make sure you look around before purchasing!

2. Tangle Teezer, Compact 
If you don't have a tangle teezer in your life, your insane! Get yourself on the internet and get one now! This isn't really just a September favourite as i've had one for a few years! However, i have particularly been enjoying it recently as the weather is windy and wet my hair tends to get very knotty! I have the tangle teezer compact in leopard, i used to have the original which i would say is a slightly larger and better size if you have a lot of hair! They are curved to sit in the palm of your hair & the compact is perfect for your handbag! It brushes out the tangles and knots so gently & leaves your hair silky soft.. it is absolutely perfect for coloured hair! They are around £10 - 15 depending on which one you decide to go for!

3. Soap & Glory, Archery Eyebrow Pencil and Tint 
So, if you no me... i have NO eyebrows, well i do have them but they are incredibly white blonde! Which is the most annoying thing in the world! I haven't yet managed to find a eyebrow pencil which is blonde enough to give me eyebrows but not so dark that i look insane. I have just started to use this product in the last month & i have had some great results.. my mum & boyfriend both noticed i had eyebrows & how nice they looked today so i guess that's a plus! I went for the 'Love Is Blonde' shade but you can get  a darker version of this in 'Brownie Points'. It has two ends, one is like a felt tip end which you brush on and the other is a crayon to fill in any gaps. I personally think the felt tip end is a weird shade and doesn't suit me however i love the crayon end! I would recommend this product however i don't feel like its perfect.. I'm going to carry on my journey to finding the best eyebrow pencil.. so watch this space! This pencil is £10.00 & can be purchased from boots!

4. Simple Home, Yankee Candle.. Vanilla Frosting 
Oh maaaaaa gawd, this smells AMAZING! It literally smells like someone is cooking vanilla cupcakes in my bedroom the WHOLE time! I first bought it in a small version.. which was gone in like 2 weeks.. We lit it every night because the smell was so delicious.. i accidentally stumbled into the candle isle in Tesco & had to buy this jar!! I have it burning away now, it is the perfect smell to go into the winter season with! It was £9.00 for the a medium jar! I actually thought this was a large.. but having just looked on the website you can get an even bigger one!!

What have you been loving recently?? 

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  1. This are good picks :) I love the Garnier shampoo - I have the green one which is something like green tea and lemon, and is awesome for more oilier hair types.
    Anjna Harish

    1. Ooh, i might have to try that one as i sometimes can get oily hair! I'm glad you liked them :) xx

  2. I thought you would appreciate this!


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