Sunday, 14 September 2014

Sunday Pamper Session

After a busy week and weekend i like to have a Sunday pamper session for an hour or so before my busy week of working starts again. I pretty much do this every Sunday it it makes me feel so relaxed before bed and i normally sleep better!

I like to start off by getting myself a pint of cold water, picking my book which I'm currently reading, grabbing my phone (to normally keep up to date on blogs and tutorials.. whilst in the bath.. dangerous i know!) I then pick my favourite Yankee candle, this evening i decided to go for 'red velvet' which as you can imagine smells amazing!

I then choose  my bath products tonight i chose two products from lush to make my bath a bit more exciting,  i went for 'the comforter' bubble bar and  broke a bit of this up and crumbled under the running water, once my bath is deep i throw in a 'butterball' bath bomb, my skin was feeling particularly dry and the main ingredient of this bath bomb is cocoa butter so thought this would be a lovely treat for my dry skin and also i love the smell!

Whilst my bath is running i take off my eye make up with simple wipes, cleanse my face with the Liz Earle cleanse and polish and then apply the Liz Earle deep cleansing mask and then jump in the bath and relax!

I then like to scrub my whole body with the Rub Rub Rub scrub by Lush (click for review) i love this scrub and it really makes my skin feel great!

Once i have been in the bath for a while and turned into a wrinkly old prune i jump out, dry off and then remove the deep cleansing mask (at this point i can't move my face it's so tight) i remove this with the Liz Earle sponges and hot water, i then carry on with my daily face routine and tone and moisturise like everyone should!

If i have decided to use a scrub i then moisturise my whole body, I don't always do this step because sometimes the bath bomb i choose from lush is so nourishing that i find i don't need a moisturise. However tonight i decided too..  I've been using the righteous butter from Soap & Glory that the lovely Style Sunrise recommended me to use & i love it, so thank you! 

I then wack on my favourite Pj's and head to bed with clean sheets, a fluffy blanket, a cuppa tea and have a cheeky pinning session on pinterest! Perfection!

What's your Sunday routine? 

Jess x 


  1. We have so many of the same products hehe! X

  2. sounds like a perfect pamper day! There's nothing like treating yourself to a lush bath x

    1. So perfect! One of my favourite things to do! xx


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