Tuesday, 23 September 2014

LIZ EARLE | Current Skincare Routine

When i was younger i had great skin, it wasn't spotty or horrible and then i hit my teens and it was like an explosion of spots, bad pores and blackheads! It was a nightmare and the more i stressed about it the more my face would erupt with spots the size of countries..

I have tried most things including prescriptions, antibiotics and even going on the pill to try and balance it out. I never ever found anything that worked until my mum suggested trying her Liz Earle. I did for a while and found it really helped.. but being a teenager i eventually gave up, got bored and embraced the spottiness! Since then i never found a particular product that helped me and i kept hopping from one to the other (which also didn't help) About a year ago i decided to order myself a Essentials try me kit which came with all their daily essentials in mini trial sizes (Try -Me Kit) this is a fanstastic way to trial the products and surprise surprise.. my skin loved me again and since that day i will never use anything but Liz Earle for my daily routine.

Liz Earle is an amazing natural brand that was founded in 1995, the most impressive thing about these products is that they have been created so that any skin type and any age skin can use them. I can speak from experience and say my nan, mum and me all use the same products and all have amazing results!

Below is the order i use the products and what they like to call 3 steps to beautiful skin. 

Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser ...  
This is the most the perfect every day cleanser and removes grime and make up leaving my skin soft and glowing before I've even toned and moisturised, i have no idea what i did before this came into my life! I normally (unless my face is feel particularly caked in make-up after a night out) use one pump and massage in circles gently into my face, you can massage this all over your face including on your eyes and eyelashes it doesn't sting or cause redness in the slightness. The texture of the product is rich and creamy and the scent smells like your back having a relaxing facial at the spa, personally I love using this before bed as it makes me feel so relaxed. Once i have massaged this into my skin I then remove the product with the muslin cloth, i normally wipe with hot water first and then go back with cold water just to get any excess product off. The cleanse and polish is packed full of natural products including eucalyptus and my personal favourite cocoa butter (which is always a winner in my books) I can't recommend this enough, i would be well and truly lost without it.

Instant Boost Skin Tonic ... 
This floral scented toner soothes and brightens your skin after you have buffed away the cleanse and polish with your muslin cloth. I'm always amazed with this product, no matter how much you scrub and cleanse beforehand it always seems to lift even more dirt from my face, it really does deeply clean your whole face. This also has natural ingredients including vitamin E, hydrating aloe vera and rose-scented geranium. You can either buy this in the bottle and pour onto cotton wool pads or you can buy this as a spritz, which i can imagie is great if you travel! 

Skin Repair Moisturiser - Light Combination / Oily ... 
And last but not least is the skin repair moisturiser. I actually started off by using the skin repair for dry and sensitive skin and found it too heavy for my skin. I stopped using this for a while and went back to a simple product, but wasn't happy with this either. I then found they did a light moisturiser for combination / oily skin, which is exactly what i have! Since then i have re-purchased this item 3 times! Packed full of natural ingredients including borage and avocado oils, this product is my daily staple and i use it before i go to bed and also before putting any make up on. I find it doesn't slide and it sinks beautifully into the skin, not leaving it oily or greasy!

I wouldn't put off if the price is a little on the high side for you, the bottles are big and they last me a few months at a time!

Which Liz Earle products are your favourite? 

Jess x


  1. I love the hot cloth cleanser, I ran out a while ago and haven't repurchased yet but definitely will do soon, don't think I have found another product which makes my skin feel as good as Liz Earles xx

    1. I feel the same, it makes me skin so so soft! I have just double cleansed and I feel great! xx

  2. This is a good post - my skin has been awful lately - the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery is saving my life so far :) Btw what skin type are you? you didn't mention it in your post :)
    Anjna Harish

    1. Thank you, my skin is combination / oily :) x


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