Thursday, 4 September 2014

Currently I Am..

I'm a bit of a series whore and have been through all the biggies (Breaking Bad, AHS and the Walking Dead.. Etc Etc) some of them I've finished and some I've abandoned half way through. I have such a bad attention span and really have to love something to see it through or alternatively sometimes i watch something so much i get bored and can never return (Dexter... Gossip Girl.. Vampire Diaries.. ahem)! Me and my colleague at work have just found Sons of Anarchy.. and oh my i am hooked.. I'm not sure if it's Charlie Hunnams amazingly good looks or all the bad boy action.. but i am completely 100% addicted (and obviously in love with his beautiful face/muscles) I highly recommend this.. however you do have to not mind blood and violence as it's pretty graphic! I'm nearly on series 2 and I've head amazing things!
Lately I've been thinking, maybe I'm not good at this blogging thing.. and i don't have enough motivation to do it. I decided to buy a few stationary treats so i can plan better.. and then i thought, i shouldn't care what people think. If they like it they can carry on reading and if they don't.. see yaaa!!

A LOT of bad food including McDonalds, Chinese, Pizza and Indian!!! I've put on so much weight and I'm running a 5k in a month, which is never going to go well if i carry on the way i am. This week though I've finally found some motivation and I'm feeling great! Lets just hope this lasts.. below image is pretty much the story of my life..
I have Royal Bloods new album on repeat.. been listening to it in the morning, evening and in the gym!! After seeing them at the Tunbridge Wells Forum last year i couldn't wait for the album to come out! I highly recommend going to see them, they put on an amazing show! (even if they did have to stop their set to kick a dickhead out of the venue)
I'm sure your supposed to answer this question with money.. but I've actually spent way too much time worrying lately!  Sorry to bring a downer to this post, but i really feel like i have to learn when to stop worrying. I drive people mad by asking them the same question over and over! Even if somethings happened and there is literally nothing i can do  to change the outcome i will worry about it until it makes me go a tad crazy! Sometimes i feel really bothered by other peoples opinions however over the past week I've started to try and let things go.. and i already feel better.. worry less and live my life!
Forever wishing it was still summer and i was still in Disneyland with my bestie! But if we always lived in the past we would never get anything done! I'm also wishing i had more money so i could finally move out of the family home and purchase my own pad! Oh... and also for a urban decay naked palette!

My lovely boyfriend who puts up with me even when I'm in the worst moods, he can be a pain in the arse too! But he is one of the nicest people i know and I'm so grateful he's in my life... cringe!!

Jess x


  1. Ahhh shaddup, you ARE good at blogging and I bloody love your blog!
    P.s. Although I still severely dislike the fact that you gave up with Vampire Diaries, I mean, I could not be less ok with that.

    1. You my friend are a babe! And.. i tried to watch it again and i just couldn't get back into it :(


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