Thursday, 3 July 2014

New shoes and a very muddy 5k!

I realise this blog won’t be every ones cup of tea and is not as exciting as Disney and dolphins! But I enjoy my new shoes and I wanted to blog about it!

I have been waiting to come back from holiday before taking the plunge and buying my first pair of expensive and well supported gym / running shoes! I know this sounds incredibly boring but even running up hills had become painful in my rubbish nikes, so this makes me very happy! I went down to ‘Runners Need’ in Brighton on Sunday, the shop is tucked away down Market street in Brighton inside Snow and Rock.

When I arrived I went straight onto the running machine, the lovely lady Isobel fitted me in a pair of asics with no support. I then ran on the treadmill for 20 seconds at a time whilst being recorded, the footage is then slowed down, analysed and played back to you. This is when we quickly discovered even though I was landing correctly I had flat feet and my ankles where bending inwards! Ouch! Once she had analysed this she was able to suggest different shoes with different levels of support! I proceeded to try on different brands, each time jumping back on the treadmill and watching the footage back! The way I ran improving with each trainer, it's so helpful being able to watch the way you run!

After being in runners need for about 20 minutes I found the perfect pair and they have basically corrected the way I run! They feel incredible compared to my old shoes, they are asics GT-2000 2, very light weight with 2 cushioned layers! They are classed as a stability shoe which I really needed and they aren't too ugly either! She then gave me some fantastic advice regarding my shin splints! I got some compression tights, which a few people have suggested to me (I did however buy these from sports direct as they are about half the price!! Last night i took my new shoes and sexy compression socks out for a trial run and i was very impressed, i had no pain in my shins and the shoes where so comfortable and felt very supportive and lightweight!

I also decided to sign up to the pretty muddy 5k obstacle course run for cancer research! It takes place in clapham common on the 5th of October! This is my first 5k I’ve signed up for and it’s a charity close to my heart! I’m going to be running for my gorgeous auntie who sadly lost her life to breast cancer, it’s the first thing I’ve done to raise money for cancer research and I feel very excited to be doing it! It's going to be a tough personal challenge but i will enjoy running over the finish line! 

 So if you’re feeling generous please click the link below and sponsor me there will also be some hilarious mud shots after which everyone can laugh at! And I will appreciate it so much!

Jess x

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